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Oct 1, 2009
Hi everyone,
Just wondered if anyone else was having a problem with Royal
Mail at the minute. Sent a TJC return back via SD on Wednesday, but it's still not showing up as delivered on track and trace. This is very annoying to say the least. I know you can claim for compensation, but it's all the hassle. Has anyone claimed from them? and how easy is it to get your money back (assuming it doesn't turn up!)?:sad:
Hi Gertie, I had a similar problem with royal mail special delivery about 6 months ago item was not tracking on line, phoned the track & trace number and they did have more info and confirmed item had been delivered for some reason it just hadn't been updated on line,they even sent confirmation of signature throught the post to confirm this (you can request this) hope this helps a little, hope it all gets sorted out for you soon x
I sent something back to another jewellery channel on Thursday, checked on-line on Friday and got this message:

Your item has reached the delivery office and is out for delivery.

We can confirm your item left the delivery office this morning and
should arrive shortly if it hasn't been delivered already.

Checked again today and it's still saying the same.

I hate it when things like this happen and always worry until I know for sure my returned item has been delivered, signed for and the money is back in my account.

Hope yours gets sorted soon.
Rm special delivery

Thanks for your support guys! I hadn't thought to ring the number, assumed it would say the same as the message online - will give it a try. What makes it worse is that I haven't told hubby i have sent the parcel back cos he complains about me ordering things and then not liking them, but my way of thinking is that there is no point in keeping something if you are never going to wear it. Might think again in the future though!!!! Will keep you posted as to whether it turns up or not. I am away until next Sat though so will be on the edge of my seat until then.:headbang:
Hi, don't forget there are/have been and will be strikes which will affect delivery times for everything including specials - in parts of London delays are being seen of up to 8 days. Give RM a call and see what they tell you. Hope this helps!
Hi Gertie, my postie said that anything sent Special Delivery will usually be delivered by the managers in the event of a strike. I haven't found the track and trace service very good, I send out things recorded delivery all the time, and whenever I check, I only get the "Your parcel was received in to the xxxxx PO on ................." and that's even after it's reached it's destination!!!!
Just checked on-line again today and my package was delivered and signed for on Friday ...... phew! :happy:

Hope it's the same for you, Gertie.
A few months ago I sent a topaz pendant back (the only thing I've ever returned - nothing wrong with it, just didn't like it) and I had the same problem with 'track & trace' which neither tracked nor traced. Eventually I phoned RM and it took them five days to call me back and confirm it had been delivered. In the meantime I emailed tjc three times to see if they'd got it with no answer, but after I got stroppy in the third email they did actually phone me to confirm they'd received it, and phoned me again to make sure I'd got my refund.

Sending things back is a major pain!
Royal Mail

Hi again,
Just got back off hols and checked track and trace saying "parcel is progressing through their system for delivery" great!!!! Have tried to phone them but just keep getting automated service, am I using the right number??? 0845 7740 740 and if so what option do you take. This is awful when you need to speak to someone, not a robot!!!!!
Have just phone TJC and they have received my return yeahhHHHh!!!!!!! Phew thank goodness for that. My trust in RM has taken a battering though, won't be returning anything in a hurry. Good job it wasn't a whacking Tanzanite costing thousands!:whew2: Thanks all for comments:grin:
Hi Gertie, its a long while since I had to ring RM to chase up a delayed SD delivery, but recall what a pain it was trying to speak to a real live person!

Ah! just read your last post, great to hear that TJC have received your return. :up2:The only other point I was going to mention that its not worth ringing TJC before noon as CS don't start till then....I believe.

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