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was that summer?
Jun 24, 2008
Am I right in thinking that all Rocks rings are meant to be size N? I ask because I purchased a Tsavorite & diamond ring (it's beautiful) a couple of days ago, and it must be at least size P and a half.
It is too big, even on the middle finger of my dominant hand. I didn't notice what was stated re size in the blurb, so I don't know if it will size down, and it doesn't say on the CR website.
Most are but i've seen some that state they are M or O also.....but under the new format it often doesn't give a size at all. Very frustrating.
The CR website says that rings are a size N for women (Coloured Rocks Rings come to you in UK size N (US size 7) and gents’ rings come in a size U (US size 10), studies have shown us that these are the average ring sizes in the United Kingdom.) but I've found them to be a bit random. I take a O and on a good day can squeeze into an N but I've had rings that are definitely smaller than N and larger than O.

The £10 resizing fee adds to the cost of the jewellery and if I've had a bargain I don't really mind as it's still a good price. The resizing service is excellent and I've had my rings returned within a week.
And for those of us who need to resize any ring, the new stuff doesn't say what it will resize to! Grrr...:31: And I have to admit, sometimes I look at the pictures and can't tell what kind of stone it is:33: More info, please!
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The rings I've had seem to be mostly and N, but one or two feel a bit smaller. I'm an L, so it's not a huge problem, and I don't think it's worth spending more than the ring cost to resize it.

I am the lucky one that can wear size N on my middle finger but I must agree rocks sizing can vary! I have had rings that are bigger than N and some smaller even though the site said it was size N.

I bought the mabe pearl ring which is suppose to be size N but its big on me! Ordered another one for a friend and that was the perfect size N so I think it does vary a bit.

I agree we need more information on ring sizing and bracelets sizes. I think rocks are working on this so hopefully we will see all these information soon.
Most are size N but occasionally I have seen them state it is an M or O. However myself and my mum have bought a few rings and the first I bought said it was an N but it was an O which is fine as that fits me but a couple mum has got say they should be size N and they fall a bit short of that so the size they state isn't always what you get.
I have found the rings that were stated to be "N" in size do vary quite a bit. I have noticed one or two items which declare another size. I don't recall if a size was stated when I bought my "fat Emerald Ring" ...it is at least a size P and a half.
The other channels which state they sell only size N seem to vary a bit too... handmade and all that, eh?!!
For myself, :52:I am more concerned about the bracelet sizes and the accuracy of the measurements given.
I have one of those ring sizers where you pop the ring on and read off the size....took a few pics of my latest haul to show the differences. Not hugely different here, but others I have had have been widely different.


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Ah, that's really interesting thanks. The ring sizer thingy looks very useful valley girl, do they sell those on ebay?
Think I will have to email CS about this ring as it doesn't say if it will size down and I need it to be a M or M and a half really.
I've given up looking for rings on rocks i take an s and even the ones that do resize its normally 3up or 3 down so no good for me

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