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Aug 13, 2008
Hi all, haven't been on Rocks for a while, but just had a look on CR. Is there a new system with rings, as some of the new ones now have sizes and a box where you select your size - unfortunately they all seem to be 5, 6, 8 - I assume those are US sizes? Any explanation I have missed? :1:
the ring sizes equate to j-Q so still nothing to help us with larger fingers so we still have to send for resizing I was hoping they would do something for s and above i dont buy many rings because you have to factor in another £15 for the sizing and p&p
Hope this helps

Hi all, haven't been on Rocks for a while, but just had a look on CR. Is there a new system with rings, as some of the new ones now have sizes and a box where you select your size - unfortunately they all seem to be 5, 6, 8 - I assume those are US sizes? Any explanation I have missed? :1:

:1: Hello Concordia,
Yes they are the US sizing system, I hope this explaination helps you with the new ring sizes....

Size 5= J/K..Size 6=L/M... Size 7=N/O.... Size 8=P/Q

Mirabelle x
Those are US ring sizes.

It seems really odd that they all come in sizes 5, 6 and 8, with no size 7, when 7 is the average and most popular size...:confused:
ring sizes

From now on we are making many of our rings to fit people with fingers J through to a Q. In some cases where i make more than 50 pcs of the same design (which is unfortunately not very often) we will aslo introduce a size 8 wich will fit R & S.

The reason size 7 was missing yesterday, was a computer error with the new code!

The reason i have gone with the U.S system is after a huge amount of research and physically testing sizes on hundreds of people, our research proved that there was no noticable difference between lets say a N 1/2 and a N (the acutal idifference in only two tenths of 1mm! therefore by doing the midlle the sizes, a N 1/2 for example will fit both an N and an O.

Please note will still will be offering a resizing service if we do not have the size you are looking for in stock and of course on many ocassions where we only make one or two pieces, its then impossible to do multi sizes.

Hope this makes a little sense. If you thinks its a little complicated, imagine how it is for me? I have just had to create 14,500 different locations for rings in our vault, to accommodate the different sizes!!!!

Best wishes


please can you clarify mirabelle you say size 8 is P-Q but steve say size 8 is R-S ,at the moment rings are size N but have found that the ones i bought recentlyhave been a very small N will this be rectified with the new sizes i can wear p on ring finger but need rings for others so need S-T-U and like already stated you then have to factor in the cost of resizing but also if after doing that the stones become loose or lost most companies even if you have only had ring for 2 months wash their hands of the problem and say it s guarantee is no good because you have had it resized
I agree with Steve about the US sizes being more flexible than UK ones - ring sizes are not like shoe sizes, where if (like me) you take a 5 1/2, then a five or a six will not do. In fact, although I have one finger that's about an L1/2 and one that's a about an O 1/2, I never get my rings resized - I just either wear them loose or jam them on!
size 7

regarding size 7 rings...my understanding was that it was a computer glitch and until its sorted just buy a 6 or 8 and then email to say u actually want a 7...hope this helps
Maybe Steve means that the size 8 will resize to an r-s? According to that chart I need a 10-11! Still no hope for CR rings then!
Well I have one of those stick things you put rings on to measure their size. It has UK and US side by side.

According to that:
6 is L 1/4
7 is N 1/4
8 is P 1/2
9 is R 1/2

Still no hope for me. Need the size 9 made a bit smaller. I am afraid I cannot ram smaller size rings onto my fingers as it hurts alot. Glad someone can though.

Should have known there would be nothing for larger sizes, there never is.
i had so hoped when we kept hearing hints about new ring sizes they would of followed the lead from q*c and done a range to fit everyone they must of only surveyed skinny folks as i need an s or a v never mind I'll save me cash instead
I have to say that I think everyone is being a bit hard on Rockstv!! They are still a new and small company, and yet, within their first year they have made this enormous effort to try and help their customers by introducing a variety of ring sizes to suit the majority? Look at the other companies that are selling jewellery - how many of them do this??? Before you jump on me - I am now going to add - AND only charge ONE P&P!!!!! Don't you think they might well be able to cover some, if not all of their costs in this way???? Which would you rather have?
Give them a chance - a lot of people haven't even read the ring sizing information which they have been given, and are asking questions which are answered in that information.
As it happens, my ring sizes aren't covered either, BUT, I think that they need time to get this initial jump sorted, and then things might be able to change again. Oh, by the way, before anybody asks NO, I DON'T work for Rockstv lol ;-)
I have to agree with Dingbat here, they've made a move which will make the rings accessible to a lot more people now. It's not just the fact that more of us can get a size that fits us without resizing, it's also that if you're bigger or smaller, now you can buy the nearest size and there's far more chance that it will go up or down to your requirements. I'm still an I, but if I buy a 5, it will only have to go down one size - easy. If I got an N under the old system it would have needed a 5 size change, and that can be very problematic. Especially nice for those gorgeous channel set beasts that will only change by 1 size.
So I for one applaud what Rocks have done for us. Thank you Steve!

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