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Sep 20, 2008
I have just been on to customer services and tld them the body lotion caused a rash and has parabens in it which was not made clear. Guess what they are sending a courier to collect it and will refund including postage- result!! Thought I was going to be stuck with it!!
Well done you. Interesting that you can now watch the online presentations again and so could be worth a glance and then suggesting misrepresentation if appropriate.
They can be quite sneaky with what they don't say.

I have some Paul McKenna cds (never used them but expected them to work by osmosis!) and I was sure they had a warning about not using them if you have epilepsy. I watched a big chunk of a full hour show the other night and did not hear them mention this but looking on his website this warning still seems to apply. It would be fairer to potential customers to be up front about this, if something is only shown for a few minutes fair enough but there's no excuse not to mention it in a full hour show.

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