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[FONT=&quot]I have spoken to GemsTV today and have given me some details to help make things clear regarding the product recall and to help put customers minds at rest.

First of all the situation is limited to just one batch of Jewellery, the person in Thailand who was responsible for this without making GemsTV UK aware, is no longer with the company.

GemsTV UK only became aware when a customer contacted them,

They immediately started a full product recall, a seperate letter has been sent out for every item.

The cost of returning the product by Royal Mail Special Delivery will be refunded by GemsTV.

All Letters have now been sent

All product recall letters have now been sent out, so if you have not received one, then it is likely that you will not be affected.
A couple more answers to questions being raised:

GemsTV have no problem refunding the original postage.

The Assay test for Gold, as they were Gold although not Yellow Gold they would have passed.

GemsTV have also had the items independently tested themselves and they came back as Gold.
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