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Aug 3, 2008
Wednesbury, Sunny West midlands!
Hi everyone,
I need some help i have a Iliana ring that i brought a while ago, im stupid i know but i missed the resizing deadline ( i was having some building work done and evrything was getting shoved into the nearest box....and it took me 2 months to find it again!!!)

does anyone know which jewellers TJC used in the jewellery quarter?

Would be loadsa help if someone could let me know, i could jump on the metro and get it done!

Many thanks K.linette ...KELSTA xXx
The one that TJC use for goods within the 30 days is a company called MakerMends based in Southend or Basildon (I think). I used them to get an Illiana ring resized (in the 30 days admittedly) and they were really good. Have a look at their website (just google the name) as they do other work including all types of repairs and resizing. It cost me £5.05 to send it insured with the Royal Mail and then a cheque for £5.95 for them to send it back to me - it came via the man who usually brings my goodies from TJC. my mum has a pair of emerald and diamond earrings from TJC but one of the posts has come off without her even wearing them and I am considering contacting MakerMends to see if they can repair them for her at a reasonable price.

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