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Jun 24, 2008
It must be really disappointing when you request an item all through the evening and then not manage to put in a winning bid :Crying:

I think the best bet would be to use the Autobid feature which is really good :Thinking:

Has it happened to anyone here? :Fortune Teller:
I've never requested anything, so not me either. Last night I saw an Aquamarine pendant that I quite fancied, but as someone had requested it I would have felt mean bidding on it, so didn't. Having said that, if I see any of my friends bidding on something then I won't bid against them either. I'm not very good for RocksTV business, I don't think! lol
Thanks Pepsidoodle. He's a Birman - full of mischief but very lovable. He's getting so big now he needs to go on a diet! :D
:confused: I cant understand when you request something over and over and over and keep on and on and on for an item then your lucky enough to have it fitted into the schedual you dont bid for FOUR minuits when its on ,then say there screen is behind I,m sorry i dont believe it if she wanted it that bad why not auto bid in the first place ,
I can understand if the price genuinely rises passed your budget then at least be honest and say so I sorry if this offends anyone but it makes me so mad
Although I've not yet been in that position but I imagine it must be gutting.
the opposite happened to me - something was put on which I adored. The price shot up in seconds as someone bid against me and I felt dragooned into continuing to bid for it until I'd won it. The end price was more than the original website price - as it turned out not to be suitable for me anyway IRL, it went back!

meanwhile I do feel sorry for those who are outbid when something goes beyond their budget - however their withdrawal from bidding is more sensible than being pushed into paying more than intended for the item.

As for your comment Milly, technology does not always work as we want it to!
I finally got 'my' ring this evening, last time it was on it went out of my price range. I asked for it to be aired again tonight. Tony, very sweetly, arranged it, and they put 2 on so I had a better chance! I had to pay a little bit more than I wanted to, but I absolutely love it and I'll just have to economise elsewhere to make up for it :D
hello all! :) its jewel from rocks. I agree with you Sammi, technology doesn't always work. and it can be hard if you feel obligated to bid over your budget.

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