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Aug 1, 2008
:18:Hello and hope you having fun searching for gems for us.Can you please try and get some Mexican Fire Opal with the deep red/orange colour as it is one of my fav stones and i have not seen it on the channel yet.I already have the fire opal from brazil that you sell but that is too yellow for me but if you get the mexican i will buy loads.i have enjoyed reading your book and cant wait to get the hard copy of it.

Thanks in advance for reading my post. x
Gav, can I add to the above request and ask for Mexican Jelly Opal, one of my favourite stones? Tony has said he has a meeting with someone from Mexico in Tucson, so fingers crossed!
Hi Guys:

Requests duly noted and as always, we’ll do our best. Giving where and when’s with gems is difficult, but we have fantastic contacts, so please stay tuned.

Alwaysskint, glad you liked the book and love your handle, it made me laugh!

Kind Regards,

Hi Gav,while we're on requests,can you bring any watermelon tourmaline,I saw some 3years ago in Bangkok,but coulda,woulda,shoulda,had to fund the rest of my hol,haven't seen any since.

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