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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
Big thumbs up!
I sent three of my rings off last Saturday along with my pearl watch for resizing. Regency told me it would be 2-3 weeks, but they arrived back safely today.
Very impressed with the time taken, and chuffed that my mocha pearl watch no longer falls off (it nearly fell down the loo, so I decided to get a couple of links removed)!
Anyway, just thought I'd give them a "big up" and let you all know!
Thank you Anne.

I sent a ring to them last Thursday for resizing, can't wait for it to return.
I sent something off to these to be resized, when it came back it came from Stanleys. :33:
Thanks for that Anne, I really like the look of the pearl watches, but they would be too big for me, so nice to know that you can get them reliably altered.

My ring has just come back but it's now misshapen, don't know what to do.
Get straight back on to them Jan, and register your complaint. If you don't get any joy, contact Rocks, I'm sure they'll help. Is this your lovely pave set diamond ring?

Yes Mad, as it happens I've just emailed them. Got a five minute window while JJ watches a Postman Pat recording with his lunch, LOL.
Even husband commented on it an he's far from observant.
Will try to get a pic when JJ has gone home after 6 this evening.
It was stated as could be sized to a T so I thought Q½ wouldn't be a problem for them.
So disappointed, nothing ever goes right.
Don't worry Jan, I know it's disappointing, but I'm sure they'll sort it for you.

Another thumbs up here. I sent two rings off last Saturday and they came in this morning's post. Now, which one to wear today.......:)

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