Regency resizing - I'm not very happy today


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Jun 24, 2008
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Well it's FIVE WEEKS since I sent off my resizing to Regency, and I've had a bit of a mixed bag returned today (I've been off work, so it could have arrived on Friday - only 4 1/2 weeks...).
I have spoken to them in the meantime, and they advised me that the laser machine had a backlog, so I'm not too bothered about that, but still it's not what I originally expected.
However, that's not really what's p'd me off.
I sent a marcasite/mop bracelet to have a link taken out - and I think that's what needed the laser and caused the delay. And I have to say they've done a lovely job on it and I can now wear my gorgeous bargain. It's UH179 and started at 8 inches, so if anyone is wondering, it can be done and they did it well. (I think they charged £15)
However, the rings that went along with it are more of a mixed bag.
One I asked for as an I, it's come back as a K. It does fit another finger - but I don't think it suits it and if I'd wanted a K I'd have asked. I always give a size, then list any alternatives I'd be happy with if it won't go as small as requested. This one, I didn't give any options as it only suits my ring finger.
One I asked for an L. That's the biggest size I can "officially" wear - it's one of those annoying huge size P jobbies, and I reckon it's come back the same size as it went - they've just squished it a bit! It definitely doesn't fit me - and that's despite my fingers seeming to be on a never ending cycle of expansion that's allowed me to wear size Ns on my index fingers without resizing recently.
And I sent a fabulous sparkly apatite ring as well. They've resized it OK - but my god the stone is now looking seriously cloudy and frankly a bit rubbish. I will get it home and give it a good clean, but I'm concerned that they may have completely ruined it :(
The others are fine, in fairness, but I'm definitely not a happy bunny - especially since I've been waiting forever! I really hope my apatite just needs a bit of spit'n'polish with the old toothbrush (I wouldn't normally take a brush to such a soft stone, but I can't make it any worse).
However, I would much rather they'd said they couldn't do the other rings and applied to Rocks for a refund instead, rather than have them in the wrong size.
Anyway, sorry to be a bit whingy, but I think it's only fair to let others know my experience. I guess I will have to live with the ring that fits the wrong finger, but the one that doesn't fit at all will need something done with it - and if my expensive apatite doesn't clean up, I will hit the flaming roof I promise.
Hi PearlyQueen,

I'm really sorry to hear about this. Katherine is not in today, but I will ask Tony to talk to Regency about it. Can you email him some more details, please, such as the order numbers that the items were on and so on.

Kind regards

Really sorry to read this PQ!!! Hope it is resolved asap for you. I though that Regency would make a call if they could not re size!!!!!

Well e-mail all to Tony and see what happens and fingers cross for the apatite ring. This is one of the reasons I don't re size any rings!!!
I'm so lucky - everything (other than 16" necklaces) fits me <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>
How disappointing Pearly. I just WON'T do resizing, no matter how much I love a ring. Nearly had a disaster years ago when a very expensive diamond ring was resized and one of the stone fells out, fortunately I found it, but after that, never again.

I hope you get it all sorted to your satisfaction, and must say, the blue apatite I've seen on Rocks does look a gorgeous colour, so hopefully it will clean up.

Once again, I'm very pleased to see Rocks responding quickly to a customer, well done.

Oh PQ that is so disappointing especially as you've waited such a long time to get all your pieces back. Well done to John for being so quick to respond and I really hope Tony can get it sorted for you.

Maybe you'd be better keeping your mitts off the Apatite ring until you hear from Tony because he might need to see the condition it was returned to you.

I sent 2 rings off to Regency in January to be sized down to an I and have to say I was really pleased with the quality of the work and I think they only took a couple of weeks to come back. But, after your experience, if the rings in my basket are keepers I think I'd be better waiting a while before sending them for re-sizing.
How disappointing. Especially as you had to wait so long.
I've had 3 rings resized at Regency and have been very pleased with the results but am now slightly concerned as I am expecting 2 rings back very soon and one of them had to have the laser used on it. They've had my rings since Friday 13th March (hopefully not bad luck!).

I have also asked Stanley's to do valuations of these rings too so doubtless this will hold things up too.

I'll be interested to hear if your apatite cleans up or if the stone has been changed in some way. I hope things are sorted to your satisfaction.
Sorry to hear of the probs you've had pearlyqueen, hope they get sorted out for you. I had no idea that the ring resizing process could alter a gemstone making it cloudy etc, thats quite worrying. Fingers crossed your apatite buffs up fine, but if it doesn't i imagine the jewellers who resized it would have to pay for a replacement.
Sorry to hear the probs you've had, PQ.
I must say that any time I've had to send items to be resized I've had very good luck. On one occasion they called me to ask if I wanted a sandblasted ring resized as they would have to take the sandblast off it (I declined & they sent it back with another item I was getting resized). Hopefully it won't put you off & I hope you get your apatite rings sorted. It's a lovely gem, I have an apatite & diamond rings from Rocks myself & I love it! :D
Like everyone else here I'm sorry you've had some problems but to be fair to rocks John
is so on the ball with lightening speed to help sort things out thats so reassuring that something will be done about this.I always have to have any rings i buy resized because i need a size S (a size p only fits my pinky) I've used stanleys when i bought from you know who and regency (same company )since buying from rocks and I've never had a problem with their workmanship or with losing stones so I'm sure between rocks and regency they them will get things sorted to your satisfaction
Thanks everyone.
The lovely Katherine phoned me first thing this morning and said she had passed everything I told them back to Regency, so I'm waiting to hear direct from them now.
She also told me she thinks the apatite was probably heated during the resize, and she's reserved the yellow gold version of my ring for me so that there will be a stone to replace the damaged one - wonderful service once again. Certain other channels could learn a lot from Rocks. Poor girl doesn't sound very well either, hope she feels better soon.
Hopefully I'll hear from Regency soon and I can get everything sorted out. At least, I've got my fingers crossed!
Thought I'd do a quick update on this as it's been on my mind this week.
I did finally hear from Scott and he completely agreed with me re the apatite being ruined. He had the replacement from Rocks and all was ready to go. He was also happy to resize the other two to my requirements. I later had another call re the big ring, apparently on the stick it was showing as an L, because of the crossover design. However I told him it definitely needed to come down at least a couple of sizes and he agreed to do it too.
Still waiting to see the results though, it's definitely taking a lot longer than I would have expected. The original resizing was sent on 21st Feb!!! Ah well, I guess patience is a virtue...
Wonder if I'll see the promised refund on my SD postage too...???
That's an awful long time to wait PQ. :(

I've got a few rings to send off but am reluctant to do it unless I have a rough idea of how long it's taking at the mo.

Hope you get yours back very soon so you can finally wear them.
Pearlyqueen can i suggest that you give them a phone call and explain that you are still waiting for your rings just in case its something simple as to why the long delay i sent off 3 rings and had them back within about 10days it wont do any harm to check will it
awwww, thats such a shame when something like this happens, when you are looking forward to wearing your lovely new items. Glad Regency is sorting it out, hope it all works out for you....keep us informed!

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