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I've done it again!
Jun 24, 2008
Hi all! :wavesmilie:

Please does anyone know how long refunds are taking at the moment? I sent a ring back two weeks ago and there is still no sign of my account being credited. :sadsmilie:

It was a one of a kind ring and I saw it resell the middle of last week. I'm starting to get worried, especially with all the ongoing technical problems. I suppose I'm used to seeing my credits appear within a week with the other channels. Please tell me this is usual for R&Co and I shouldn't panic yet! MTIA.
Mel, I emailed today because my refund hadn't been processed either and was getting just a little anxious. Katherine replied and said they were bit behind with refunds because so many people had been ill last week. Mine was processed on Tuesday so money should be back in my account in the next day or two. Expect it'll be the same for you.
Hi Fluff. I'm glad you're getting your refund sorted. I guess RocksTV is behind with their refunds as well then. Maybe they had people off with the same bug at Rocks & Co! :winksmilie:
Ohh bother ... got me rocks mixed up again!!

That's twice I've tried to be helpful and ended up confusing people!

Sorry Mel.
run.gif refund from R&C was processed within the week.I was nicely surprised by that as it does state on the refund form that it can take up to 30 days!
I was keeping my eye on the situation as they had charged me £30 more than the item finished at on the auction,but as I was returning it I didn't raise it with CS but I wanted to make sure that the overcharge was full refunded,which it was.
Hi Melusina I sent a faulty item back just over 2 weeks ago still waiting for refund and also refund for return postage which they said they would refund immediatley (which they haven't) rang up today and was told there was a backlog in dealing with refunds and to give it another week (and ring back if no sign of refund then!) - so not as good as the other rocks and gemstv for processing refunds then
Thanks everyone for replying. I guess we'll just have to be patient pandabear! The worst thing is that they don't respond to emails and it took me three attempts the other day to even get through to CS. The phone just rings and rings. It doesn't inspire much confidence I have to say.

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