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Polly Esther

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Oct 7, 2008
How long do they take to show in your account?

I received a faulty Laura Geller product (totally empty compact!) got a label from QVC and sent it back last Friday.

Now it's over a week later and it's still showing in "my account" as "shipped":6:

Shouldn't the status have changed by now?

Am a bit concerned it's got lost somewhere. Thankfully I do have the post office proof of posting I suppose.

Oh AND something that was despatched to me on Monday. Am thinking it might be arriving via tortoise!
I was told that you need to allow 30 days for a refund to show on your account. My longest has been 3 weeks.
Oh really? Oh well maybe I'll stop worrying.

I just seem to remember that even though the refund took a while to show last time...when I returned something before, it showed as "returned" in my account quite quickly, so I'm wondering if it's floating around Royal Mail land!
my returns reached them on the 20th day least it showed returned status on that day
I've had the same problem birdie. My item was still showing as shipped 3 weeks after returning the declaration letter stating that I had never received it. I rang customer services, who without any question, just stated that they would reimburse my account immediately. This showed up within hours but it did make me wonder if they were just hanging on to my money for as long as possible?
I find hinting you have "compromising pics" of Julia and Dale speeds things up no end :)
I've only sent one item back with the prepaid label it was a kipling bag and they sent the wrong colour it took over a month to be refunded onto my account, funnily enough if I send something back that I have paid postage it takes less than 7 days so have no idea what postage they use with QVC must have a special third class post was a prepaid label, so maybe that's the reason. To be honest I'm not hugely desparate about the money as I had only paid one easy pay - but I was concerned it'd got lost.

I don't know what's going on with the postage recently, because surely my other item which was "shipped" on Monday should have been here by now too. Although that assumes the "my account" bit is accurate and I'm beginning to have my doubts.

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