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Jul 3, 2008
Is anyone else watching this? It's like car crash TV. Flaky clumpy mascara for £25??:52: The poor model is trying not to laugh at the comaparison pictures - she looks better before than after!! The mascara is flaking so much he is having to brush it away!!! Don't they realise we can see how terrible it looks??
I saw that, and the mascara looked so clumpy and unnatural, I thought mascaras had come on a bit since the 70's..reminded me of what my eyes looked like after piling on the old Constance Carroll 50p touch when I was about 16! I also noticed loads of black flaky bits all over her face, luckily they brushed off without smudging. Did anyone notice black mascara had transferred onto her top eyelids? If he's supposed to be a make up artist, then I'm the Queen of bliddy Sheba lol!

£25? You have got to be joking!!!!!
I'll own up to the fact that I bought some ages ago, when it was first presented on I.W. and it does work, so long as you don't go for multiple layers like he did. It was also a lot less than that in price. I also tried using brown mascara to 'fix' the 'hairs' and that worked too. It takes longer to faff about with than straightforward mascara, so I only wear it for 'special occasions' rather on a day to day basis, but the first time I wore it friends commented on how good my eyes looked ....... mind you, it was a work's do and so they may have been drunk. :grin: ;)
I saw a few minutes of the show, nice guest... shame about the product. :down:
Why demonstrate it on a model with such pale eyelashes? It may not have looked quite so horrific on someone with a darker lash. Poor girl she looked like she had 4 stumpy lashes and a bad case of blackheads!
I've never seen such hideous eyelashes in my life! It was like false eyelashes that had been exhumed along with a dead auntie from the sixties.
They looked like they'd been trampled on by a herd of wildebeest. I can't believe anyone would buy that stuff. She looked pretty until he attacked her with it.
Maybe I'm out of touch and it's a good look, but the flakes on her face would surely be very unpleasant if they ended up in eyes.
The girl was really pretty and from a distance the make up looked good, however close up, her lashes just looked clumpy and brittle. The trick to this mascara was probably that it's full of lose fibres, now if a so called make up artist can't get it to look professional then what hope do we mere mortals have..we'd also manage to get a few fibres right in our eyes as well as all over our faces, and the results could be even more horrendous!
I can't believe anyone would buy that stuff.

As I posted earlier, I bought it. ;)

In my opinion, he ruined the demonstration and the poor model's looks by layering it on as though there was going to be a mascara shortage. I've also got blonde eyelashes, so wear mascara each day and I applied the Ready to Wear mascara etc, as I would my usual brand. I didn't keep heaping it on like he did.

If I went to work looking as though two blackbirds had crashed into the white cliffs of Dover the Head Teacher would take a very dim view of it, so I apply a single layer of mascara for work which is enough to highlight my lashes. I applied the Ready to Wear mascara the same way as I do my usual brand ....... one thin layer. I then added the 'hairs' and then topped it off with my usual brand. It didn't clump and simply gave the appearance of longer lashes. You do get some of the hairs dropping onto the cheek but they are easily brushed off.

I will admit that if I'd watched yesterday's demonstrations though I probably wouldn't have bought it, but when I did succumb to temptation the demonstration was less 'heavy handed.'

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