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Sep 20, 2008
Help it is me again! I started using the Collagen serum last week from the SBC TSV. I really liked it but I have now got really flaky chapped lips and at the sides of my mouth it is all dry. Feels like my lips will crack if I smile! I also started using the Elemis Rosepetal cleanser and Ginseng toner last week for the first time. Anyone got any ideas what it could be? Not changed toothpast so cant be that.
I would go back to the products you were using before you tried these and see if it clears up. Once it's clear, then you can reintroduce the new products one at a time to see what happens. It may be that just one, or even a combination of them all, is not agreeing with you.
hi there! it could be just the weather drying your skin out - the cold wind and central heating makes skin more likely to get chapped at this time of year. if you can, try to make sure you are drinking plenty of water and perhaps use an oil that will help replenish lost moisture. although not a qvc product, my favourite is estee lauder's night repair serum....but i am sure there are plenty of others that are great too!!

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