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Oh dear... They've gone. Replaced by something much more entertaining..

Dejero? A Lady Gaga hit? Unfortunately, they're back now..
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Mike had 50 emails asking for the dehumidifiers from yesterday show. :unsure:

Why email? If they can do emails they are online so they can just order it from the web site.

Now were bak to moistures bad, just wait till they're selling these during the heat wave that's in the post and moisture will be good again.;):ROFLMAO:

That utterly meaningless phrase ‘Swiss Design’.
I think it’s disgusting.
It’s relying on the fact that people won’t realise it isn’t ’Swiss Made’ or even ‘Swiss Mechanism’.
To me, it’s a shining signal that the makers are intending to deceive.
In fairness, the description says ‘Japanese’, but I suspect the average telly shopper thinks that’s a design thing, rather than the origin of the mechanism.
That other stalwart of selly telly watches, Constantin Weisz used a similar trick with ‘German Design’.
Is that like the MGs that are British designed but built in China?
Interesting to know how he personally receives these emails from punters asking about Ideal World products etc.? I would have no idea how to email him and other hosts at Ideal World. There are certainly no presenter contact links on the official website. Like virtually everything I hear come out of presenters' mouths on there - to be taken with a large pinch of salt.
Mike is saying if other Swiss Brands did the Marine Chrono, would be £10,000. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

I challenge anybody, include the IW staff that read here, to find a Swiss brand that makes a similar spec watch, ie 200mtr diver, 316l s/s, 5030.d Ronda quartz movement, assembled in the Far East. In fact i'll even allow for the watch to be assembled in Switzerland for £10,000. Happy hunting. :eek::ROFLMAO:

Actually there is a Swiss brand taht makes a watch almost identical to the Marine Chrono, that would be the Roamer Deep Sea 100 which is basically the same watch, although the Roamer is nowhere near a £1000 let alone £`10,000. ;)

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