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I bought a neck fan for my mum off Amazon a couple of years ago, they are useful but Jezza mustn't have had the call from his agent about EastEnders yet as he is still employed in the tat arena
I've seen people with those neck fans. Might be good for when I'm travelling on the Underground where the temperature is hotter than in a sauna🥺. Did she find it was useful?
Oh no they've made another mistake on the price,should have been £39.99.At this rate they will be out of business by the end of the week :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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Not seen it for a few days. Tuned-in and very much same sh…different day.. Edwards squeaking and lisping along selling £9.99 tat. Do they actually sell anything? Or do the rich owners simply keep it open to increase broadcasting options for the future?
Yeah, Jeremy will be easier on the ear when his voice finally breaks.
Jezza comes out with some utter tripe, bad enough he think Duchamp is an actual person but he now thinks some of their watches could be made in his UK workshop, which we love cause it creates jobs. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Links in to my other post about misinformed presenters vs lying presenters. If giving him the benefit of the doubt you'd class him as the former, however I suspect he's the latter. i.e. lying and completely misrepresenting the brand and fully aware he's doing it.
The thing is, ok it's their job, it's part of the 'routine' to make the viewer panic (low stock) to entice them to have a buy.

However we're not in 1978 with relatively limited routes to buy stuff. With 99% of the stuff they sell (maybe 100%?) it matters not one bit if they actually do sell out. It rarely matters if they genuinely won't be getting any more 'into the business.'


Cause all their products can be found on places like Amazon, Ebay, Ali, Temu, or 1000's of other online retailers.
Excuse me, but I am living in 1978.

Beer is 30p a pint. Inflation is 8%. I like listening to the Bee Gees and wearing a white suit with 28" flairs. I'm hoping Scotland will make it to the 2nd round of a major competition for the first time. Ally Mcleod is a great manager with a realistic chance of lifting the world cup.

I usually buy my goods on the high street or by mail order but I'm looking forward to "teleshopping" due to begin next year. Space age, man.

There's a bright young TV presenter who shows a lot of promise:

I'm going to apply for a presenter job, this would be my dialogue if flogging microfibre cloths ...

These cloths have their origins back in ancient Egypt.
Actually remnants of similar cloths were found in most tombs within the Valley of the Kings.
Our cloths are hand made, in Egypt, using only the finest micro-silk.
Each cloth requires 200 miles of spun micro-silk to make.
Each cloth takes 10 days to hand craft.
Only virgins aged between 21 and 23 of a height between 5'6" and 5'9" are allowed to make them.
They are shipped to the UK in a traditional Khufu ship built around 2500BC. Not a replica, an original.
When the cloths arrive in the UK, they are hand delivered to our storeroom, on foot direct from the shipping port, by direct descendants of Egyptian Kings and Queens.


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