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Something else he thought they'd sold out of. I'd err on the side of caution if I were him because he says it ALL the time, in reality nothing sells out so save your breath!

Three mentions of the rattan furniture. He has no shame. Couldn't he just say garden furniture?
Turning the knife, it'll be the gallery guys in his ear
Garden parasol with lights, should be £340! £69 elsewhere. He is a total charlatan.
They totally rely on their target audience not knowing its all lies and not checking. Not like us on here who just pick up our phone up to check in seconds.

Don't think Muriel has been mentioned yet, strange. Get the light up parasol, and a couple of those bug zappers to keep all the insects away that will be attracted. You'll have bragging rights says Pedro!
She will be if the children in the gallery are reading this. Despite the fact that it's past their bedtime.
These days I mainly watch documentaries on mainstream TV, with occasional dramas that have been recommended to me. I don't recall the last up to date comedy I saw. I got rid of Netflix as I could rarely find anything I wanted to watch. I've got Britbox, now on ITVX, as I like all the costume dramas from way back.
When I check which programmes I’ve set up to record, I reckon about 90% are documentaries with an odd drama mixed in. I think it might be an age thing, but I don’t find modern comedy funny. Give me Dad’s Army, Fawlty Towers, ‘allo, ‘allo & Hi-di-hi any day.
I thought his rattan mentions were obviously pointed to here. Three times, was it? Four? Very much a stick it up yer..two fingered gesture to condemnation of their shoddy tactics on these forums. They hate us but they still keep coming back to read us. Simple logic - if you don't like it, don't read it. Doesn't extend to if you don't like it, don't watch it, though. These cowboys NEED watching and pulling up with every wretched indiscretion they make.
Keeping with the "old telly" chat - I've been watching 2 Point 4 Children on iPlayer (they've added a lot of old comedies - all series - but hidden them a bit so I only found it by chance). Simpler times 😌 And to tie it back into the Royal Family Nana chat on here the other day: the same actress plays the gran in this too. Was she born aged 70 or something?! 😂
Anyway, I'm off to watch repeats of Rising Damp before I become delirious on drink and drugs again..Or was that delicious!!
I can imagine Peter Simon as a stranger arriving in Rigsby's guest house, a fantasist who lies to everyone but somehow impresses Miss Jones. This would make Rigsby jealous but the newcomer gets his comeuppance when Alan and Phil see through him and expose him as a charlatan. Rigsby ends up kicking out the only character seedier than himself - Peter Simon.

After all, he often complains how damp his bedroom walls are.
Anyway, I'm off to watch repeats of Rising Damp before I become delirious on drink and drugs again..Or was that delicious!!
One line I remember from Rising Damp. Rigsby was sneering about the existence of the 'permissive society'. It doesn't exist he said, and I should know because I've looked for it🤣🤣🤣. Always made me laugh.

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