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Can you buy decent digital watches, as with my issues, I find it hard to work a normal round clock

Sorry If I sound thick
Loads of casio choices


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Mike of the moisture is now telling us, not to have a bath, or shower, never boil a kettle....etc bad for the 'elf Mike says!! He is selling dehumidifiers......

How did we all make it to 2024??
What a co-incidence. Giving us a health warning but he just happened to be selling a dehumidifier to save us all...🤔
They had a couple of Tags (one was a Monaco) on their web site 4/5 years ago, didn't feature on a show, just the web site, but on their shows probably the few Eternas they a few years back have been the best.
A £6k Tag-Heuer Monaco? Well over £6k now. Not sure what they will have cost back then.

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