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I know he was on one of the earlier versions of the channel – maybe five or ten years ago. I am afraid though, I have absolutely no recollection of him being on there, although clearly he was.

Having watched him for a couple of hours or so on and off, he is actually not too bad. Relatively honest in his approach (as much honesty, as is allowed on there), a fairly pleasant sense of humour, along with a good sense of self-deprecation. I can think of a lot worse people they’ve got to watch than him. You just have to feel sorry for him being in a position where he was a reasonably high profile television performer, and now having to do this. Although, as he said, he has done it before. He displays a good sense of irony over his career, unlike Simon Peters - who thinks he is still a top television performer, going by how he speaks about himself on there.
He was begging for a job on Eastenders as he said it was the only UK soap he hadn't been in. To be fair to him I hope he gets cast on there
What's going on with Genevieve's accent? I happened to catch a bit of her flogging some leggings earlier and she had a really broad and strong Irish accent, something that I can't remember noticing previously (although admittedly it's a long time since I've watched her because, like Sally and Dirty Peter, she's another who I wouldn't trust to tell me the correct time let alone trust to sell me something). I ended up finding some clips of her on YouTube from a number of years ago and it was as I remembered, a very soft, hardly noticeable Irish accent. Anyway, switched back over and now she was flogging some poncho, and the broad, Irish accent had gone and it was the soft, hardly noticeable accent, or as I would call it, her regular voice. Is she putting this Irish accent on in order to try and sound more friendly, more jovial? Whatever she's doing, she seems to forget about it before returning to it again.
previously she was using her telephone voice and now she doesn't bother (that's what I reckon)

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