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Daisy L

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Jul 3, 2008
Haven't bought from Gems for more than a year. I've just checked the website and the prices are just shocking and no comparison in terms of variety, most of the items seem to be set only in 9ct gold.:11:

I really want to get a rainbow sapphire tennis bracelet similar to Judy Mayfield's. Gems had lots of fancy sapphire designs last year, set in 18 carat gold or at least 14ct gold, at more or less reasonable prices (cheaper than Judy Mayfield).

I wished I bought 18 ct yellow gold princess cut bracelet, I think I could get it for about £600 and it was about 6-7 carats of sapphire but I wanted it in white gold - got fussy and decided to wait. They have several bracelets now but only in 9ct gold, the prices are rather steep.

Have you seen any rainbow sapphires recently? I remember I think it was Anne C who mentioned some reputalble online supplier, but it was a year ago.
Hi Daisy L

GTV have been selling Rainbow Sapphire bracelets on live auctions, saw some on sale last week, often in a specialised hour.
Prices have been around £499 on a good day for 9k white gold. These are probably the same ones shown in the 'shop',
whose prices we tend to ignore!

I had a pair of commissioned RS earrings made by BKK....but the C & E duties here bumped up the overall cost rather!
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Hi Daisy L, I can thoroughly recommend BKK too. Trent is very accommodating, and can make you whatever you want to suit your budget, in either 14k or 18K yellow or white gold. I've seen the RS bracelets on Gems and they are only 4-5 carats and have gone for £499, which I think is expensive. Do check out BKK's website, and if you want to see the pieces I've had made, look under BKK, Old bag in her bling! (I HAVE got clothes on, it's just those dirty minded folk who think I haven't:wink: :laugh:)

I think gems tv are getting very pricey not just for rainbow sapphire but for everything, there deal of the day is a joke. Dont think I will be buying from them for a while.
Hi Anne C, thanks for the link, I've checked their website out, there are some really gorgerous pieces there, I was just drooling over them, I'm such a sucker for sapphires, especially fancy ones.

I'm still waiting for my 40th birthday present (which was almost a year ago) from my OH, and credit crunch is not a good excuse not to buy me a rainbow sapphire bracelet now.

Hi Mad4Gems, thanks for the advice, and I'm off to check the subforum to see your piccies! LOL:11:
Don't give up on Gems for fancy sapphire bracelets, Daisy - the bracelets seemed to be going on air for a reasonable price (unlike some of the other fancy sapphire pieces).

Find one you like in the overpriced online shop, then contact the personal shopper and ask them for a price. They may well give it to you for the same price it went on air (£450 - £500).

I have also bought from BKK, and can recommend them, too.

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