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Jun 26, 2008
I am a bit confused over this range .Are they that expensive .Also i love the bangle but have tiny wrists ,Can anyone who have this range .Please help on the size and also feedback .
I'm not really a silver person but I love The Bangle, it was selling for £149 today and it's £225 on RG's website. :pPC:
Update on The Bangle Sizing!!

I ordered 2 of the Allegro Bangles (the one with the balls inside) during Chloe's show cos I wanted to wear them together and have a good old jangle and they both arrived this morning. They are fab bangles, heavy and well made, BUT beware of sizing!! Although it wasn't mentioned on air (at least not to my knowledge), they come in 2 different sizes. :HUMP: One came in a RG box and is code no 584755 but this one is too small to go over my hand without using lubrication....ooh err missus...and I don't have big hands - and the other one is code no 584754 and came in a RG pouch and that one is too bliddy big!! :HUMP: So I've paid £9.50 p&p for sweet fanny adams and will have to pay probably the same amount to send them back. :mad: It's irritating things like this that put you off ordering. :HUMP: :pPC:
I think I've seen this bangle on clearance under £100,it looks really nice but the size problem would definitly put me off.Thanks for the info

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