R&C back on Freeview.


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May 9, 2009
Just got an email from them saying they are back on Freeview, channel 49 from 8am to 10pm. Maybe they do listen to their customers eh!!! Maybe we should start a petition to have those nasty windows closed. :p

On Meeshoo's ASA thread, one poster reminded me of a pendant I bought that dropped to a very low price. I had just discovered R&C about three months back, and was on the website as I watched a AAA Tanzy ruby pendant drop to the princely sum of £1! I clicked on buy, thinking there would be none left, or that seeing as it was obviously a mistake(it even shut Vicki up for a few seconds), it wouldn't appear in my basket, but it did, and I have been wearing it much of the time since.

I saw it a few times subsequently at around £80, so being from Yorksire, with Scottish ancestry, I am chuffed with my bargain.

Any silly bargains captured by other posters?
Oh, I have to go and look. If this is true I will be very happy. I'd just got into watching Rocks a while back, when it suddenly disappeared.

(Whispers... TJC is still my favourite tho!)

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