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Aug 10, 2008
The Forest
I am taking a well earned day off work on Friday and we are going to have a look at Shrewsbury outlet centre - Also want to go to lakeland - Credit card is already quakeing at the thought!!!

I know there have been posts on here about it before but any help with how to get there and where to park - can't find a search on the drop and don't want to trawl through hundreds of pages.

Want to try to get some NN duvets for the kids and hear that this is a good place to ge them. Are there any other things that are usually good at the outlets - don't think I will be interested in the 'fashion'!!!

I have never been to the QVC outlet at Shrewsbury so I cannot help but if you post the question in the QVC section of the forum I'm sure you will get some excellent advice. Hope this helps!
This should help:

You need to head into the centre of Shrewsbury (follow signs for the town centre and Frankwell). There are only two bridges in Shrewsbury - the Welsh bridge and the English bridge, the Welsh bridge will take you in about 300 yards from the Darwin centre. The car park you need to park in is called Raven Meadows - it is hard to find, the shops are at floor 7, if you go in through the doors you walk down a ramp and QVC is the second shop on your right.
I popped in yesterday, on my way back to the multistorey, and as usual, wondered why! It's the most depressing shop around. Full of tat (apart from NN). There are much better charity shops around!!
I know there have been posts on here about it before but any help with how to get there and where to park - can't find a search on the drop and don't want to trawl through hundreds of pages.

Hi , When we go we use any of the Park and Rides which are free and then go in by bus getting off at Marks and Spencers . Go into M &S go downstairs on the escalator , go through the food bit and when you are at the exit turn right . Go past Poundstretcher , the outlet shop is at the foot of the escalator . Happy Hunting . PS They do a nice jacket potato in the cafe next door :59: I am a girl of simple pleasures .
Just got back - having spent the day in Shrewsbury and visiting my hubbys relatives in Telford.

Thank you soo much for your directions Fraggle - it worked a treat and we went straight to the car park and parked on 7th floor as instructed (good job as hubby had to take 2 loads of NN back to the car!!!) :BIGHUG:

Spent ages rummaging in the outlet - want to go again already!!!!

Got some slankets for the kids - £7.00 they were nearly £25 with the p&p as tsv. they had all the colours.
Got loads of NN - 4 gusseted pillows for £16.99 Approx £50 normal price - A king sized flannel duvet set for £12.00 again nearly £50 normal price. A Double duvet for £24.00.
Got a diamonique watch for £17.00 which was originally over £40.

But the best buy of all was the last Smashbox tsv with the halo in it (they only had medium - but luckily thats my colour) all brand new and unused, I checked it all before buying, for £14.00 - was £44.00 inc postage when I bought it as tsv. Wish I had bought more sets now but the credit card was straining a little at this time of year.

Got a couple of Yankee candle sets - cant remember how much.

Was a bit disappointed at they did not have any single NN duvets and I wanted some for the kids beds but there is always next time. Will go after xmas when the money is not soo tight. They did say they don't get many single sets in but then they don't have many on qvc as they always sell out very quickly.

They had lots of NN - Featherbeds were £30 - Featherbed sets were £40. Oreks were £100. Lots of cooks essentials. The clickfree drive was £60. Lots of great priced jewellery. Lots of craft things.

Yes it was a bit of a jumble and the clothes bit was yucky (buy then isn't qvc 'fashion' anyway) and I am sure it is a bit hit and miss as to what they have had delivered or returned, but I thought it was well worth the trip and cant wait to go again.

That's a fabulous haul Rosey - i'm chuffed for you :)

I'll have to ask my mother to pop in and pick me a up a slanket lol!
Yes, well done Rosey! I'm specially jealous about the Smashbox!

What I like about the outlet shops is the fact that you don't know what you're going to get. It can be dreadful, but then you come across some real bargains.

I love the unexpected nature of it -- like a lucky dip!
My best ever QVC purchases have been jewellery (no surprise there!) from the Shrewsbury outlet - including the 'Claudia' ring for under £60dancing
well done i went the other day wish i had seen a slanket wonder if there will be any left by thursday
They did have quite a few slankets so you might be lucky. They had lots in brown and green and a couple in red and cream. It thought they would be good for the kids to wrap up inwhen they are on their x-boxes - can turn the heating down then LOL!

I only wish now I had bought more sets of the Smashbox - they had quite a few and they were all brand new sealed in their packaging - but hindsight is a wonderful thing!!

As you say Satis it is a bit hit and miss so maybe next time I go I won't be so lucky - but it feels great when you get some good bargains.

There was some nice jewellery and it was really cheap - I looked at the Gossip tsv watch the one with the diamonique round the dial in white and black (they had it on air in pink as well) it was £6.00 at the outlet and if I remember it was about £16-£18 inc postage - didn't buy it as liked the diamonique one I bought better although it was a bit more exp. Could have treated myself to more jewellery but at this time of year need to save the pennies a bit.

Am now saving up to go again.......
Thanks for the tip off Rosey - one red slanket now in my possession for the princely sum of £6 odd - bargain :9:
You are welcome Fraggle - it was your help and directions which helped me find it and where to park.:BIGHUG:
It's not fair both of the outlets are just too far away from me I am going to sulk now as I am after a new NN duvet at a reasonable price. And a slanket for ONLY £6.00 it just isn't fair.
Amber&Ruby - you will be pleased to know that when I was at Shrewsbury last week (it is quite a way from me too but I made a nice day of it visiting relatives in that area) they only had one NN double duvet which i bought - they didn't have any singles which is what I was really after. Maybe now you don't feel soo bad!!

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