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Jun 24, 2008
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They really must be doing bad, as they are now offering a energy saving comparising tool.....

We'd all like to have more money to spend on the exciting things in life. Well now you may be able to with QVC's new service, QCompare Energy, our new energy tariff comparison service.

Try out QCompare today:
• It's free and easy to use
• Prices will be compared with all the major energy providers
• The process will only take about 5 minutes

Why not see how much you could save on energy bills now? And start spending money on the more fun things in life.

We've teamed up with Energyhelpline, the UK's leading independent energy comparison site to offer you this service and help you get even more from QVC.

Best wishes,
The QVC Team
i got that email too i love this bit
"We'd all like to have more money to spend on the exciting things in life"
they might as well just say we want you to spend more with us!!
Yes got the email. Mark my words it will be comparing insurance next - it's obviously the beginning of a whole new strategy for them.
I got that e-mail too, interesting...

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mmmmmmmmm should we await qvc online bingo anyday soon, glen could call the balls 'eyes down for your first number, a little nylon number its kim n coo number 2,

what would he say for 88
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