QVC - No Vat Reduction?


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Dec 2, 2008
I notice bid and price drop have changed their postage and phone charges on screen yet QVC are still charging the standard rip off postage - no reduction in VAT. Strange but they will probably say postage costs went up 2.5% on the same day lol
Everything has gone up 2.1% as of Monday because they have not passed on the saving, they dont have to pass it on but most shopping channels seem to have
I think that is a very good reason to boycott them - until they pass it on. Absolutely disgraceful. They obviously feel they don't need goodwill.
have spoken to CS and they said QVC WILL be reducing prices to come in line with new vat rate"soon".
Erm, surely it doesn't take that long for an online retailer to change their prices? It's a pretty simple sum!
I was under the impression that postage charges are exempt from VAT and therefore the VAT reduction will not make any difference to postage.
Postage by Royal Mail is exempt from VAT.

The p&p charged by QVC will generally be subject to VAT. This is because the customer is purchasing a single supply of delivered goods. The cost of delivery follows the VAT liabilty of the goods, which will be mostly standard-rated (currently 15%)

If the goods being purchased are zero-rated for VAT, then the p&p will also be zero-rated.
Even if its delivered by Royal Mail its classed as a service so attracts VAT
I contacted QVC about the VAT Reduction. This was the reply they gave.......

"Thank you for contacting QVC UK.

We have yet to determine our exact pricing structure since the VAT change, currently our overall prices remain unchanged however they will be adjusted over time and as soon as we can.

If we can provide any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact QVC UK."

what b****cks !
As the person who kind of defended QVC on Sunday, I am absolutely flabbergasted at this.

EVERYTHING is computerised.

Are QVC seriously saying that they have neither the staff not the technology to do what almost every other VAT registered retailer in the country has done and reduce their prices accordingly.

Personally I think QVC should be asked for an explanation as to why they feel they cannot pass on the VAT reduction immediately - as the explanation above is pathetic.

I would be interested in seeing if they have changed their invoices for all goods purchased on Monday - do they all say 17.5% VAT on them still?

Perhaps we ought to have a 'name and shame' thread for all companies who have not passed on the VAT cut since Monday.

I know who will be at the top of my list :12::12::12:
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I'm boycotting them till they pass on the reduction. If we all did the same they'd soon change their tune!
This really is appalling and unbelievable.

I work for a small company and all I had to do was change the template from 17.5 to 15.0 and it was done.

Why can't QVC do it but most other companies - large or small - have done it? I bought something off Amazon yesterday. Ordered at 2.10pm, was dispatched at 8.10pm that evening and was delivered to my work address in the 11.00 am post this morning. Fantastic service - and the VAT was reduced!!

I would boycott them but I'm very interested in the Honora TSV ... Perhaps if we all wrote and complained, they might change their minds?
wonder if they will refund the VAT when they eventually get round to 'adjusting' the prices :whistle:

Surely, this is more difficult, time consuming and less cost effective than just reducing the VAT on every Invoice since 1 December?

I very much doubt that they'll be refunding the difference on orders made before they finally get round to changing the VAT.

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