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Jun 26, 2008
I admit that I'm not a gold lover, I prefer the "boho" look of certain fashion jewellery, so this is a genuine question.

Their gold jewellery seems very expensive for 9 carat, many items are "hollow" and the rings seem very small and insignificant (delicate), although I do appreciate that the market price of gold is at an all-time high.

For those of you who do buy gold, could you tell me how QVC prices compare with those of retail jewellers? I appreciate that QVC offer a wider range and a good supply of different sized rings, so is this factored into their prices ?

i used to buy a lot of gold from them (enough to have been invited by QVC to a gold jewl event at Harrods within a few months of my registration). Jewl weight quite low and items mostly hollow; still, prices were very good (half or a third of prices in the high street, in the UK and other European countries). That was the case until about 18 or so months ago. Now, they rarely sell 14 & 18 ct, still quite light but also now quite dear.
i do not buy 9ct gold pieces as i do not consider them 'gold' (1/3 gold, 2/3 alloys). They sell 9ct gold pieces now at prices they sold 14ct & 18ct gold a year ago.

imo, they are not affordable gold jewellers anymore, as compared to the highstreet. i'm sure there may be pieces that are exceptions.

i hope that helps. xxx
I agree with all that has been said, but - I love gold jewellery and cannot afford Clogau prices, much as I love some of their pieces, would have bought the TSV if it had been on easy pay.

I just imagine, cannot say I have any knowledge of this, that the pieces they sell are mass produced for them in Italy and other places and are very light, but give the illusion of being solid. some of the Il Re pieces are good and not too dear, and I have just bought a gold bracelet for about £67. it is very light, but very pretty and hope to get good wear out of it. Some of the gold mixes they sell now are very like 18 ct in colour, not dingy as they used to be.

I just wish they would sometimes sell the classic pieces of gold chains and bracelets, and not always high fashion. I would not pay gold prices for fashion items.
I pretty much echo what Watersiren has already said.

I too used to buy quite a lot of their gold and also got invited to the Harrods Gold Day beano.

I don't usually wear 9ct either, neither can I wear hollowed out ring shanks, they seem to give me a rash.

There used to be some fab bargains in clearance/last clicks especially their bolder pieces. I once got a 9ct Geometric bracelet that weighed about 50 grams for about 200 quid, never see bargains like that anymore.

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