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Jun 29, 2008
I know a thread on this subject has already been done but.............

Is it me or is the loading of pages (apart from payments) totally slow?

The writing is soooooooo small now and the pink bit on the TV guide is annoying cause my mum and I cannot read whats written on it.

Anyone else have this problems???????
Nope - we miss the horoscopes too - and QActive is really, really slow - I've pressed the Sky button out of sheer frustration at just how long things are taking to load and don't bother looking most times.
It's a bag of sh*te :(
Glad I'm not the only one who founds the Active pages incredibly slow. I usually put the active on and then make a cup a tea, only popping in every now and then to see if it's moved to the next page and to press the next button!
I have always preferred using QVC active - but you're right it is now so slow. It's takes so long now that at times you lose sound and picture and I'm sure if something was selling fast you would miss out. Not much of an improvement more like a step backwards!!
Much preferred the old QVC active - at least it was active, now it seems like the "action reply". Don't bother to look at it now.
I agree with you all about sky active, I just thought it was my old television that was making it slow, so glad to hear its not at my end, although I'm surprised at QVC for making "improvements" worse than they were before.

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