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You just open the QVC webpage by clicking on the link within Quidco. Then order as usual. Some people have had problems if they don't clear cookies first but I've always been ok.
I've earned £150 on Quidco since Jan 09 - not just on QVC though, but it soon adds up - esp for insurance
You set up an account with Quidco, then as you want to buy something, you go to Quidco first and click through to QVC etc.

When the money is received by Quidco (takes a month or two depending on who the merchant is) from the merchants (like QVC) then you are paid either by BACS into your bank account, or into a PayPal account if you have one. - or you can set up a donation to one of the charities on there.

QVC are paying 5% at the mo I think, and IW are paying too (cant remember the figure) - they dont pay on P&P usually
Hi everyone !, can anyone tell me how Quidco works ?, I notice that QVC are on it !, how do you order etc ?.
Thanks in advance.

It costs £5 to join per year but you do not have to pay any money up front as they take the £5 when you have enough in your account and then the rest is all yours until the next £5 is due. Their are hundreds of shops on Quidco all offering different deals but you must go to the site you want to buy from via Quidco (although I did buy something from the Q and forgot and still got my money) They normally pay via bacs or paypal (paypal make a charge) every month with a minimum payment of £10. All purchases must be completed via Quidco, if you place an order and that change you mind and change it for instance and you do that via phone or email you do not get cash back but the money is better in your pocket that theirs and if you are making big purchases or if you buy lots on line at Christmas it does mount up.
I have earned over £340 since I joined in Nov 08 - although some of that was with online xmas presents. My biggest haul was £125 for some USA flight tickets through Expedia. Also i get my hubby to book all his hotels for his work travels through late rooms - going through my quidco first!!! I have to have a perk for him being out on the road most weeks!

They will pay out less than £10 - this month I only got a payment for £3.68.

There are also others - I use Topcashback and have earned about £40 with them. They don't charge the £5 fee and some merchants on there are not on quidco - Boots.com and Comet for example. Its worth a check there too.

I know there are others too but feel I would spend all day checking them all - and 2 are enough for me - and this gives me nearly all the merchants I use.

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