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Jun 24, 2008
Chilling in Cheshire

Checked out eight items earlier this afternoon and haven't received a confirmation email yet - before it's always been almost instantaneously.

Is this normal now (a delay) - just want to check - before I send an email to Katherine. :smile
I've had that happen too Sara, but it has come through eventually. I've had a few problems with the site today (to say the least!!!), and last night won an item and didn't get the pop up window telling me I'd won.

When I went to check out my basket after adding the lovely marcasite earrings to complete my set, the necklace had disappeared, when I went back and tried checking out again, it had reappeared!!!!

Think there are lots of gremlins about at the moment, I'd leave it a while and check later.

I'm about to send the gremlins into overdrive when I check out later!

I have 6 items (at the moment!) in my basket and want to split it so I can pay for the presents I have bought with our joint credit card and pay for the items I have treated myself to with my own switch card so they can sneak in the house below hubby's radar!!!

Watch the checkout procedure go into meltdown!
I had the same problem, there seems to be a bit of a backlog with the confirmation e-mails...hope the bling still comes need my fix lol
I've given up trying to check out tonight! I'll see if the gremlins have gone tomorrow! Maybe the Thursday delivery man is different to my usual Tuesday one!!!

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