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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi Gav, Over the weekend i saw an Amethyst pendant (trillion shape) aired with a very unusual cut. It appeared to have a "spiral" effect cut into the underside of the gemstone itself. Can you possibly tell me anything more about this cut please? Is it a new cut?

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Hi Tabs:

As Amethyst’s a popular gem for lapidaries and jewellers, you’ll find more fanciful shapes and cuts for it than you will for many other gems. To help me be specific, do you have the product number?

No worries if you didn’t, I’ll also have a search from our end and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hi Gav, Sorry i'm afraid i didn't get the item number down, apologies if this makes your search harder.
Hi Tabs:

Found it! The product number is 335 140 and you can see it here

While it’s a fancy cut, it isn’t concave cut, certainly in the traditional sense, though it does have a striking three dimensional finish to the pavilion (bottom) of the gem, courtesy of laser cutting. The Amethyst is technically called a ‘fancy trilliant shape (much like a prism of two pyramids, bases to base, but with more faces) with a laser cut spiral design on the pavilion. It was developed by a cutting house right here in Thailand in 2006. Like most fancy cuts and shapes it was the progeny of the artistary of the cutter and unfettered creatvitiy. As mentioned previously, Amethyst is a popular gem for lapidaries and jewellers, so you’ll find more fanciful shapes and cuts for it than you will for many other gems.

For the uninitiated, fancy cut gems are either standard cut variants, create the illusion of a bigger more perfect gemstone, play with the natural shape of the rough or are revolutionary new shapes made possible by advances in cutting technology.

In this case, the finished gem is a unique piece of art.

Hope this helps and thanks as always for your support.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Gav, Very interesting info. I may have to keep eyes peeled for something similar in the future. :1:
Tabs - this was just on. This is a concave fancy cut and looked like never-ending circles and far more impressive than the photo suggests. It sold for £59. 323

Apologies Gav - I had remembered the Amethyst as a concave cut! I only saw it briefly once on air but realised that was on the one Tabs was describing. I agree it's a lovely cut and really unusual.
Hope you don't mind Gav ......... Tabs have a look at these! Aren't they lovely:

Wow some of those are gorgeous Meesh! Very unusual cuts, thanks for posting them up. I think i'd quite like to get into more unusual cuts, but i think they would have to be pratical to wear too.

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