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Jun 24, 2008
I have a Black Ceramic Watch in my basket just as a stocking filler for hubby but I'm not sure! I chucked it in my basket yesterday when I saw it while channel hopping but I haven't bought from Gems for ages. The price seems good at £99 compared with most I've seen on other websites. My question is this - does anyone have a ceramic watch from Gems and if so what's the quality like? It's just for everyday wear but he's a fussy so and so although he says he can't be cos he married me!!!!!
Well if he's gonna be sarcastic do you really want to get him something nice? lol

I have seen them and they look nice, they are doing extended money back cause of crimbo, that way if he not like it you can send it back and buy something yummie and scrummie for yourself...........I mean for him.
i thought the gems ceramic watches looked a tad too bulky to suit my husbands wrists so i bought some from a german seller on ebay. i got a matching set and they are lovely. they need a quick polish after you put them on as the ceramic has a lovely shine but is easily marred by fingerprints.

i am sure the gems ones are just as nice and the price you got it at seems a steal when compared to when they first had them
Just an update - I chickened out and dumped it from my basket! I've bought him another Eco one (never needs a battery) and it's much nicer in appearance. It's black coated Stainless Steel with a Titanium case and although more expensive it's worth it. I wasn't at all impressed with my last purchases from Gems and sent 3 items back vowing never to buy from them again! Thanks for all your help anyway.
i just got mine a new watch for xmas, that way i wont feel guilty about the one i got for me lol
i have never heard anyone say a bad thing about gems watches but most of them have never appealed to me or i never managed to bag one that i did like
I had a ladies ceramic one a long time ago now but sent it back because it was far to heavy for me to wear all day so bought one from Skagen and i love it

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