Question about Regency - is 4 weeks long enough?? argh


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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
Hi guys

Can I ask how long it has taken your rings to get resized??

I sent some rings off to get resized, 4 weeks ago now and I am still waiting for them to be returned. Now I know I did sent 9 rings in one go, which is alot. But I have sent more in one go before now and they have been back in 2 weeks.

I know you will all say that I need to contact them and I will. I just came here to let off a bit of steam before I email them as I don't want to say anything I will regret lol

I wouldn't mind so much but I was getting my blue and black diamond ring resized for our anniversary on Wednesday as its my pressie from OH. Looks like I won't have it now, I thought 4 weeks was plenty of time.

I'm a bit sad and disappointed now :(
Seems like a very long time Valleygirl. A week to 10 days is normal and I'd contact them if I were you. The delay may be Royal Mail's doing, not Regency. I hope you get it sorted out soon.
I sent a couple of rings to Regency and I called them first to find out how long to re-size them. They quoted 2 weeks, but I actually got them back in 10 days. Maybe you should give them a call.
Regency is actually owned by Stanleys.

I had to call them today about something I sent them on 7th. After much confusion the lady told me that Rocks jewellery goes to Stanleys which is next door. Both Regency and Stanleys are owned by the same man and are in fact the same company but Rocks stuff definitely goes to Stanleys.

I'd give them a ring VG, that is a bit excessive.
valleygirl i had cause to contact regency about a ring and spoke to a lady called Joanne she was very nice and friendly why not phone and ask maybe the ring your anxious about can be sent on if its ready and the rest maybe to follow some may have to be re hallmarked or something i think its worth a phone call
Thought I'd let you all a reply today from Regency. Apparently, me being awkward as usual!!! I sent a lot of awkward items to resize. My pearl rings took a long time because they had to take pearls off etc as they dont like the heat. Also sent in some awkward ones that needed to be sent to a "specialist" apparently. She said she would try and get this out this week. So won't have them for tomorrow :( But at least they not forgotten about me lol
Glad you are getting to the bottom of the problem. I've sent a couple of 'awkward' items for re-sizing and now I know to expect delays!

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