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Oct 29, 2008
I'm trying to work out if some items aren't shown on TV and so the auction doesn't actually occur. I placed a web bid on an item a couple of days ago at the minimum bid of £11.00. The item normally drops to around the £7.99 mark so I was confident of winning. The auction then ended but I received no "congratulations" email so I went to check the winners list. I found the item in question in the previous auctions section, and it shows that everyone pays £11.00. I thought that was OK, because I only bid at a price I'm willing to pay and just hope it drops a bit lower so paying that price would have been fine. However, there is no winners list below the completed auction and, as mentioned above, I never received an email saying I've won.

Does this mean that the auction never happened, or that it happened and for some reason I didn't win, or is this just a mystery? The item is going to be on again, hopefully, in the next couple of days so I now can't decide whether to try to buy it again - but I really don't want two turning up in the post.

Any info would be gratefully received.

Was it an online clearence or a tv auction......................If it was a tv auction and it is near the end of a presenters shift they might not have time to sell it and if that happens they wont sell it until they have time so if it was due to close at 10:30 am but they were running late and so were all the other presenters, the auction wouldnt have been held as the presenter who takes over startes with their products then only goes back if they have time!

Hope that helps.

If it was a online clearence, they sometimes go wrong and dont occur.
I placed a couple of online bids before Christmas and should have won by rights but I too never received any notifications.

I think it is one of the buttons on the website that isn't working.

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