Queen Tova?


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Jan 23, 2009
Turned on part way through her hour and she has a large portrait sat in front of the table.

Missed the beginning so was there some significance? Know she acts like a bit of a princess but seemed odd to me :D
Perhaps it's the portrait that she normally keeps in her attic and her real name is Dorian Grey? :33:
Was it the portrait which crashed onto the floor?

Yes :D

I was hoping perhaps the reason for it sitting there had been explained at the beginning of the hour. Else just very odd to have your own portrait sat in front of you IMHO....
I only saw a few minutes and missed the portrait, I can't say I like Tova's hair straight like she had got it today, she seems ageless.
This is the first time I've seen Tova, does she always have an oversized portrait of herself on the set?
I think Tova always looks very glam whether its a wig or her own hair, does'nt really matter, as she has got to be in her 70's.Whatever she does to look good whether its all pure hard work or cheating the end result is good.

They have probably glued the picture to the set so it does not fall down lol.
I love Tova - she is so OTT and glam, I can't help but smile. Love the dramatic painting sitting at her feet - very Dallas/Dynasty!! Whoohoo!!
I sometimes think there is some soft focus going on when they shoot to Tova. Is it just me?

Perhaps she has something in the contract lol

Regardless, yes she is looking good whatever the means and so entitled to act the diva I guess.
I feel guilty for saying this but I find Tova really irritating,affectatious(is that a word???) and insincere,though she looks good for her years in all fairness........just have to switch off after 5 minutes!!!!:54:
Everytime I see her I remember someone on here saying her perfume smells like cat piss
I think she's quite patronising to the presenters, never mind the lowly punters who keep her in Botox. I also get tired of hearing about how glamorous her life is because she's married to Ernest Borgnine and gets invited to red carpets everywhere. Borgnine must be 140 by now, and I haven't seen him at any red-carpet events in the last thirty years, so quite where these red carpets are is a mystery to me. Carpet World? She looks good, and presumably needs all that QVC money to keep looking good...but that portrait! If I'd been the presenter, I wouldn't have picked it up from the floor - I'd have arranged to put Tova's face in the frame for real, via a quick downward motion of the canvas onto her head...
I bought the crystal set of 3 perfumes a couple of years ago after everyone raved about them on here but yes-they do smell of cats pee! I didn't even dare giving them my sil (nasty and always gets me naff pressies) for Christmas and as they were heavy didn't bother sending them back.
Just found this on wiki about Ernest, who will be 92 yrs this year
He is the eldest oscar winner still alive and, but much more interesting:
On August 14, 2008, Borgnine claimed on Fox News that one of his secrets of long life was to "masturbate a lot".[6][7]:ANYWORD:

Hmmmm. Tova is not longer in the mood I suppose????????:LACH2:
Saw a little bit of her hour this afternoon and have to say I have seen her looking much nicer in the past. I didn't like the straight red hair on her at all. She looks good for her age, yes, but she has clearly had plenty of cosmetic surgery, and wears heaps of make up.

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