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Boris Bear

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Jun 24, 2008
I was just out of the room but heard them mention something from this hour that they could picture Kate Moss wearing but I didn't actually see it. Is anyone else watching, what was the item and can we expect Kate Moss ringing in as a T caller and quacking?

BTW tonight's ensemble is not a good look for Julia.
Now you see I had to have a look and oh my! That's all I can say. I'm not saying anything mean about Julia - I'm just a little surprised at her choice of outfit. And she has VERY shiny legs.

OMG ... I am amazed !!! I honestly can't see QVC giving these clothes away let alone selling them ... gave me a laugh :smirk:
I actually thought that julia was very rude to the guest - jenny? - by commenting she couldn't pronounce her "R"'s - theres nothing like pointing out a speech impediment (Sp) is there??!!

I also found it quite intersting that julia pointed out that she was going for her "rock Chick" look................which is what some of us called her in this forum - when she last wore this ensemble....

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