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Jan 1, 2009
Is it me or are they pushing that TomTom Blockbuster more than usual this week? They normally have fashion on Friday afternoons but today they've changed and got the Tom Tom sat nav on again and it seems to have been on just about all week. I wonder if the sales are a bit slow and they've got a big stock to move or something.
well the fashion was listed from 3 - 5 pm and is always on these hours on Friday afternoon. When I got home about 4pm, it was that TomTom again, so they must have replaced the Fashion show at the last minute.
Correct LuckyLady, at 2pm it was listed as Fashion from 3pm til 5pm on their own menu onscreen and then suddenly they pulled the second hour of fashion and put the tomtom on which I for one am sick of seeing. I hate it when they do this :(
I doubt many people are buying them. Esp since it has old software installed. You can go to Amazon and buy V4 Tom Tom for about the same price.

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