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Last night on Butler and Wilson while relaxing , I was watching Butler and Wilson, and spotted that the model was wearing a lovely sequin purple dress. Simon said it was his range but I dont see it on the website. Does anyone know the item number. There is no where to wear these long dresses anymore, gone are the days where you could go nightclubs in them a few years ago, but think its good to have a few in your wardrobe.

also like to add that I loved the big bold necklace in the show in crystal about £128.00, you will know the one I mean big and bold showstopper as well as the smake items lol. didnt buy though.
think he mentioned that it was coming soon Dazzler so it won't be on the website yet. thought Ali looked far more classy than Claudia in that long dress.

I'm sure he said he would be back with it in August.
I agree fairynuff, the dress the model had on was lovely. I had one exactlyy the same as that but mine was a short mini one, but all my sequins have fallen of so had to chuck it.I have one in black though lol, so im going to be careful with this one.
He is naughty he also showed a Union Jack bag, in the 6 pm hour that wont be available to August either.

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