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purely mineral foundation

Hiya Bendansmum

well, ive got the purely mineral foundation and its great!! but you do have to practice with it and get it to the right coverage as you can add too much or too little, i would suggest messing with it when you have a few minutes spare!!! I did that and it really does give good coverage, everyone who has seen me when wearing it has said, ooh you look well!!! i say, you should have seen me earlier, make up hides a multitude of sins lol!!!!! look like ive just been dug up earlier lol....good luck with it if you do decide to buy, and if you are fair to medium skinned get the fair one, i bought the medium one and it is a little darker than i would of liked but also im not suntanned in any way so if you have a tan it may be ok, i am dark haired but the usual milky beige skin although i havent got very fair skin
good luck

angel x:)
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