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In today's post I got another 5 letters saying that items I'd purchased from GemsTV last year were not 9k yellow gold but were 9k white gold overplated with 9k yellow gold.

Two of the items I've given to people as Christmas presents so can't get those back - what on earth do I do now? Both were £40 plus P&P. I don't think a £10 voucher is going to cut it for this one do you? :eek:

A pair of earrings - these were sent back anyway so no idea why I got a letter.

This I wear this and like it alot. It was £88 (plus P&P) and now has to go back. I'm really angry about this one. :mad:


this one This is a pendant I wear almost daily (when wearing yellow gold). I've even had it valued by Safeguard. There is NO WAY this is going back. No way at all. However, I am not happy that I've bought something that isn't as described. :mad::mad::mad: I'm going to have the gold tested on this to see if the "gold" underneath is white gold or silver, which I strongly suspect.

I've sent an email to the Operations Director - although Gems wouldn't give me her email address and said I had to send it to a CS Operator. How terrible is that???????

Will let you know the outcome but I'm really really really really not happy. :mad:

I wonder how many more letters are in the pipeline?
OMG :eek: Meesh, that's terrible. How can this have happened? I have my suspicions that Gems sometimes buy from other sources, which may explain why it's all similar diamond jewellery in this case. I've not had any letters but I haven't bought any diamonds from gems apart from coloured. ;)

I would definitely hold out for an explanation, I think you deserve to know what has happened and if it's going to involve other items too. As I said on the other thread, how come it's taken so long to find out, if they are from another source, don't they test them before putting them out under their banner?

I think a little Jimmy Choo shopping is in order to calm your nerves. Send Gems the bill! ;)
Good God Meesh this gets more shocking!!
It looks like they maybe all come from a certain batch as they are similar in design?
Did you buy them all around the same time? How come Safeguard didn't pick up on it? I realize they don't test the gold for a valuation so I guess they wouldn't have. Possibly someone had a repair done on a piece and that brought it to light?

Well they've picked the wrong one to upset ... again! No wonder you're fuming hun.
Let us know as soon as you get a reply ... I'm sure you will!
Your anger is totally understandable, Meesh! It's absolutely appalling!

How on earth could this happen?

I wonder how many more of us will be receiving letters ... doubts about 2 white diamond pieces I bought last year are creeping into my head now. I'm sure I won't be alone.
All the items were bought around the beginning of October through to December last year so if you've bought any diamond 9k "yellow gold" items at that time you may get a letter.

Actually Safeguard couldn't believe that GemsTV had sold the diamond heart for £100 and commented that they had to be taking a loss on it. However, if the base is silver then I guess they're not.

I'm absolutely spitting blood.
Oh dear, so sorry Meesh to hear about all this. I recall you buying some of these pieces and thinking how very nice they all were. In particular I remember you posting about the lovely heart pendant.

I've just been checking my stuff and I have bought just one pair of earrings, YG with white diamonds (Jan) and a YG pendant with WDs bought last November, which was a gift for my Mum, so I'm not returning that.

If I do get any letters I'll let you know.

Just a thought, I wonder if this will apply to rings as well...I got a 9k YG WD ring in that time frame as well!
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Good grief Meesh :eek: I don't understand why/how this could have happened?? :( Why would Gems have to buy in stock anyway when they bang on and on about how massive they are in the jewellery world?? :confused: It shatters all confidence in a company when something like this happens and casts a huge shadow of doubt over everything they have ever said about their jewellery IMO. I haven't bought anything from them for yonks and don't intend to as my jewellery fetish is over. Are you still prepared to buy from them Meesh after all the problems you've had, and now this?? I hope you get a resolution that you are happy with hon. :pPC:
Sue - You're right. This is appalling. I guess their only saving grace is that they've owned up (although I have my suspicions that we're only get a portion of the truth). At least they haven't done TJC's norm by denying everything or just ignoring it and hoping it'd go away. They're only offering a refund and your return P&P. No mention of the original P&P which for me, so far, with 5 items is £30!!!!

Sacha - From the letters I've received the items seem to be between item numbers 110136 up to around 110200. Then from 111900 to about 111953. Yellow gold items only. That's me just putting 2 and 2 together but I think I'm on the right lines.
I hope you get this resolved successfully Meeshoo. I wonder how many other FMs will be getting letters?
Somebody on the forum who knows about consumer law/protection will doubtless be along to tell you what your rights are in this instance.
I would hate to have to go and tell those you have given gifts to what's going on. Ooohh, the embarrassment.

There were lovely pieces, btw. Shame there is now a horrible big question mark over the metal.

Good luck and please let us know what transpires.
meeshoo you really are having a bad time and i agree its shocking but as you said it seems to be in batches of numbers from them so it could jsut be those people who have bought using them item numbers could be effected
This is just awful Meesh - made so much worse if you find it's silver and they've not just mis-sold but lied about it.
Your results will give us a big clue as to what to think about the "new GTV" we've been migrating to recently - the signs are bad so far, with all the web aggro and so many of the old faces jumping ship. They're definitely losing their sparkle, this could tarnish them even further.
I hope we're wrong and they're at least being honest hun, especially as you're so fond of some of the pieces.
Why would Gems have to buy in stock anyway when they bang on and on about how massive they are in the jewellery world?? :confused: :pPC:

I'm not sure that is the case PPC, I'm just surmising as sometimes details are missing or carat weights only go to one decimal place. It would figure that they may buy up bankrupt stock but surely they would test it all themselves before sale? All speculation of course but perhaps less of a worry for us as buyers if that were the case as at least the items would be more easily traceable. Still not on which ever way you look at it.

Meesh, just out of interest, is it the Gems hallmark on them?
Hi all
Im new on the forum although i have been reading your threads but never had the nerve to join in but when i also had the recall letter from Gemstv today about a pendant i bought in August2007 the item no 110153 i am really upset because i gave this to my niece as a gift because she was emigrating to Australia so there is no way i can return it Wouldnt it be a good gesture as its clearly their mistake to do what QVC would of done and let us keep our goods and have a full refund in order to keep us happy customers which i certainly am not at the moment by the way i paid £99 for it .
Hi Milly and

I think you've echoed the sentiments of those involved who have given these items as presents in good faith. You can't send them back without a good deal of embarrassment on your part. It's such a shame, you have my sympathy.
Welcome to the forum, Milly!

This is (I hope) the link to your pendant:

Shame your first post is under these circumstances. I'm sorry you're another one who's had the letter .... there's quite a few of us wondering if we are due to get one too. It's bad enough when it's an item you bought for yourself but, somehow, it seems worse when it was bought in good faith to give as a gift.
Hello Milly and welcome.

I'm so sorry. This has happened to me too and exactly the same pendant. If it's any consolation I've had 5 letters so far today and 2 of the items I've given as presents. It's awful isn't it?

Sending you a ((((hug))))
Just got out the heart pendant:

BC - it's clearly got the DK hallmark and (thankfully) 375. However my understanding of hallmarks is that if this were made for example in Outer Mongolia but Gems bought it and then imported it into the UK it would have to have the DK hallmark - so that's not proof of who made it unfortunately.


However, look at these photos. Bear in mind, this was supposed to be 9k yellow gold. The inside edge of the pendant is now white (the yellow has worn off) where it's been next to my skin. (A bit difficult to see in the photos the top photo is a bit clearer). The outer edge though is still yellow so it now looks a bit strange. I hadn't noticed it before mainly because I wear it alot. :mad::mad::mad:


All the items were bought around the beginning of October through to December last year so if you've bought any diamond 9k "yellow gold" items at that time you may get a letter.

Actually Safeguard couldn't believe that GemsTV had sold the diamond heart for £100 and commented that they had to be taking a loss on it. However, if the base is silver then I guess they're not.

I'm absolutely spitting blood.

What a heck of a time you're having with Gems Meeshoo! The earring fiasco was ridiculous enough without all this too.

What Safeguard said about them taking a loss selling the pendant at £100 smells a bit fishy if you ask me. I would absolutely hate to think they've known about this and hoped to get away with it but if they believed it to be solid gold then why would they sell something like that at "a loss"?

If this becomes public knowledge then I'm afraid their credibility is going to be zilch! OMG all the High Street jewellers are going to love this - I can see it now - all the "I told you so" smugness!

It could be that someone who bought one of these items has contacted them as the plating has worn off meaning they would immediately know the item was not solid gold. Hopefully Gems had it sent back for examination and that's what's brought the whole thing to light. Let's hope this was a one-off outwith their contol and knowledge situation for both their sakes and ours!

Good luck with getting to the bottom of this Meeshoo.

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