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mr jones

Tired and old
Jul 28, 2008
Most times I log on to the Rocks site it takes ages for the pages to load and my pooter slows down. Has anyone else had this problem?
Hello, Mr Jones.

I'd be really grateful if you could email me as many details as you can (e.g. browser, PC or Mac, if you can, the results of a test on

This will allow our web team to have a good head scratch and try and find what's causing the slowness for you!

Kind regards

All now seems well

Most times I log on to the Rocks site it takes ages for the pages to load and my pooter slows down. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi John I know others had similar problems and lag but after the site re - jig it's faster than Osyduck's finger on a bid button!
I can't log in!

Hi guys, I just can't log in today! I enter my username and password, and I'm told my login was successful, but when I go back to the homepage, I'm not logged in at all, so I can't bid.
This has happened to me before, but usually I wait a little, try again and the problem is sorted, but not today. Can anybody help, please?
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i close down my page reopen it and then i can log in again i have to do this every time i log in
Have you tried logging in on a different browser Silly? Some have problems with Internet Explorer some with Mozilla, might be worth a try?

Thanks Alinat and M4G. I ended up closing down everything, restarting the laptop and finally managed to log in. I never had to do this before though...
It's happening to me today SS, now I can't get on the site at all.
All other websites are fine.
Never had any of this trouble before.
Logged in at least a dozen times, said I was successful but in the end I wasn't.
I'm having loads of trouble with my internet today but only when I have rocks on. For instance, it took me five minutes to open a pm, pages are taking several minutes to load, posts are taking ages to post and all when I have rocks on. So I have come out of rocks and everything is fine again, dunno what the problem can be today.
:31: i havent been able to log properly into rocks 4 2 days now and last night ,no pics no sound ,logged in2 chat 4 five mins then nothing ,so gave up and reintroduced myself back to the family and watched a movie which was nice ..........
Checked into Rocks and usual slow load then when I came out pooter wouldn't access other sites until five minutes break.
Yup Rocks was bad for me too this weekend. Whe I logged in I quite often didn't have the bit to see Barry in - I'd have the auctions, but sometimes they would also be out of date.

I've had to f5 loads. I put a lot down to my old pc set up (eg IE6 lol) but other sites are better
mine was pretty much ok,just few small problems
but i know lots of people were having loads of trouble last night all over the country it seems its a shame cause it's very frustrating when it happens though:33:

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