Problems on Freeview (7/11 2.15pm)


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Boris Bear

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Jun 24, 2008
QVC went off on my television on Freeview so I have put Sky on and it's ok now. Dale and Claire have just said that there is a problem on Freeview, they did laugh and say that if you have Freeview you won't be able to hear the announcement.
i was just about to post has anyone else lost it in freeview. Do we know what the problem is?
They didn't say what the problem is but at least I know I don't need to try to retune yet again!
They said that they didn't think the problem was their end so I assume that means it's in the freeview system. I will update if they say anything else.
I just checked mine & it had frozen on QVC..... Switched my pvr on & off but am not getting QVC..... Am in London :sad:
I recall one afternoon with Pipa doing a jewellery show.
There was no sound being broadcast and she began writing on a piece of paper on the desk.
After she finished writing she held it up to the camera it said they had a problem with QVC'S sound.


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