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Jul 9, 2008
when i have finished burning my large jar candles there is always quite a lot of wax left so i pop this out and break it up and use it in my tart burner.

but now i have noticed that the newer candles boil and splatter wax all over my wallpaper.
i was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
Hi Boffy,

I have not had any problems with the jars but I have had some exploding tarts! It seems to be when they are initially heated up. A bubble forms and then bursts through the surface and this has splattered my table a few times. Perhaps we should tell Yankee about it. They seem like a good company and may have some troubleshooter solutions.

Inge xx
I take the left over wax out, break it up and pop it bit by bit into the next candle, waste not want not.

Not had any problems with wax tarts or starting a new candle jar. I did notice that the double wick soy candle splattered a bit but as I wasn't that impressed with the double wick I didn't buy another one.
I have not had any problems with anything "exploding" !,I have quite a hoard of candles stockpiled for the winter !, but I do think Yankee should be told about this problem.
It sounds to me it could be the tealight that you are using in the tart burner that is the problem. If the tealight is burning with too high a flame then that could cause it to be too hot, hence bubbling/splattering. What kind of tealights you using?
I do the same, but have not had any problems with bubbling and spitting. On a different tack, I bought an electric tart burner from Boundary Mill and my dog knocked it over and the little dish broke. I phoned them, but they don't stock them at the moment and I'm having a lot of trouble tracking one down, let alone a replacement dish. It's the ivory/vine leaf one. Does anyone have any ideas or advice please?
i am using a proper yankee tart burner now and its not spitting like my other burner. still really hot though.
i am using up the last of the midsummer night large jar. thought it appropiate. lol
must admit its worth buying a proper burner from yankee they are obviously a lot thicker than my poundland one.

many thanks for your feedback.:hi:

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