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What would you do please?

Yesterday some Tanzy earrings arrived - my first order with Gems for about 100 years as I've been a bit disillusioned. Soooooooo......... I open the very small and flat box and out they come (double bagged).

First thing is that the earrings are very large and have been squashed into the box, so much so, that the earring backs have popped through the plastic and where the box has snapped closed, it's bent one of the posts. In fact, I've tried to put them back in the box and it's impossible to close without damaging the posts further. So that's the first problem - a wonky post.

Second problem is that one earring is darker than the other. Ok, I could possibly live with that because it's not going to show when on BUT for £279 shouldn't I expect earrings matched and in perfect condition?

I've asked Gems if I could have some money off and the answer is "no". Not sure why because it's going to cost them more to repair etc etc. Oh well!

So, they're £279 and over 5ct of Tanzy. Do I keep them, get the post sorted or send them back?

Not a happy bunny I've got to say and I've got another thing on order that I'm going to cancel now. :mad:

Colour difference is much more obvious IRL:

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Ok, here goes. Send them back without a doubt Meesh. From the picture they're a lovely design but the stones don't look very well matched. You may be able to straighten the post but I would worry that it will be weakened and to be honest it looks a bit of a flimsy post for that weight of gemstones. Get a returns number and send them on their way, you'll never be happy with them. :(

Now as for the other order....what if it's a good one? If you cancel in haste you may regret it. :mad: PM me the gories if you like. ;)
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BTW the reason I'm SO annoyed is that this week an order I had (on forward order) and not due out for 3 weeks was charged and shipped and so over £800 has been out of my bank account for more than a week. Apart from an apology and "it's the systems fault", there was nothing else done.

These are the only 2 orders I've placed since about February. Bearing in mind the amount I've spent with Gems in the past, they're not exactly looking after me are they? Sorry but I'm really really really peeved. :mad:
Id definately send them back hun, id be worried about the bent post being weaker and snapping if you tried to straighten it, as for them taking the money, thats wrong, surely you should be entitled to some rebate whether it was down to the computers or not. I dont understand whats happening at gems at the moment, they just dont seem to be bothered at the mo:mad:
I can't understand why they wouldn't offer you a substantial discount on these earrings Meesh. What use are they to anyone else in this state? I'd send them back.

It all seems to have gone downhill since Steve A left and now hearing about Kirstine this week. Does this mean that now all the good guys have gone, customer service is not a priority to them any more? :( It's a shame; you've been one of their best customers. They should be falling over backwards to keep you happy. M xx
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If it were me the colour difference would be enough for them to go back.
If it were me the colour difference would be enough for them to go back.

Me too. One of their little videos emphasizes how careful they are about their colour matching. It would bug you every time you wore them.
Another one who thinks they should go back, Meesh.

The earrings are mis-matched and damaged and I don't think you would ever be truly happy with them.

It's also a matter of principle .... if you keep them it's almost like admitting you're prepared to accept shoddy goods and poor service IYKWIM and I know you're not!
Oh yes they should go back.

One if the prong is bent it could snap off if you straighten it. Also the colour match for that price I would expect more care to have been taken when matching.
I would definately say send them back Meeshoo!! If they are obviously badly colour matched and damaged, a substantial discount should be offered (imo) or a refund obtained. I don't know if they are worth keeping to make into pendants or otherwise, but that would incur further costs and hassle.

Imo Gems has gone downhill recently, its changed from "keeping customers remotely happy" to "making a profit only". Prices have stayed up higher...silver items are more expensive also. I really am not bothered watching Gems at the moment because imo "better deals" are available elsewhere.

Hope you get your refund sorted soon Meesh....Gems are quite clearly taking the mickey of a "good and loyal" customer with their attitude.

L x
Thanks for all your replies everyone.

Decision made. They're going back.

Order for £875 cancelled. The money still hasn't reached my account yet (although Gems have refunded it). So I've been out of pocket for £875 for a week and Gems don't seem to care. Fine.

No more orders will be made with GemsTV.

Can you tell I'm furious? This wouldn't have happened when Steve was around - and if Dawn weren't on holiday this wouldn't be happening today you can bet on that!
I think they should definitely go back Meesh. You aren't going to be happy with them. With the beautiful collection you have you will expect perfection and it would always bug you that they don't match. It sounds as though things are going downhill a little at Gems since the departure of the lovely Steve A!

Just edited as I posted without getting to the end of the thread only to see you've decided to send them back Meesh and saying a similar thing about Steve.
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Its a definate send them back its alot of money for mix matched stones and a wonky post,why are these things not quality controlled more should not have left gems towers!!
It doesn't matter what you've spent in the past - all customers should be treated the same. I have to say they don't look anything special and if they are worse in real life and with a bent post into the bargain - I would say its a no brainer.

Enjoy spending the refund Meeshoo!
For what it's worth I totally agree with your decision to send them back. It's very very disappointing that they handled this so badly and I really hope this is not a sign of things to come! Why don't you PM Craig on here (CraigR) I'm sure he would take your comments on board?

So sorry you've had this happen Meeshoo it's just not good enough.
It doesn't matter what you've spent in the past - all customers should be treated the same. I have to say they don't look anything special and if they are worse in real life and with a bent post into the bargain - I would say its a no brainer.

Enjoy spending the refund Meeshoo!

I wasn't expecting to be treated any differently from anybody else. However this week they've cocked up twice with me and have had £875 of my money in their bank account for a week with just an apology. That's just not good enough. Most companies would provide something by way of compensation for their mess and/or loss of interest. It's not a small amount of money.

Despite the fact you don't think the earrings are anything special, I like them and would have been prepared to keep them but not at £279 so I don't think my request to them was unreasonable.

I'll definitely be spending my refund elsewhere though.
Why the hell aren't earrings sent in a box anyway?

Don't say its a cost cutting exercise :eek:- as that would be madness. If I am paying 200quid for a pair of earrings, an extra fiver to make sure they arrive as they should - i.e in tip top condition, would hardly break the bank. God if QVC can send their diamoneeeeeeeeeeeek out in a box, surely a channel specialising in gems can?

Sorry if they are sent in a box and I've got the wrong end of the stick. I have never bought earrings from them so have no idea.

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