Problem logging in - anybody else?


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When I click on the "login" button, top right of the RocksTV screen, nothing happens. If I click on the box that says "login/register here", nothing happens.

I've cleared temporary internet files, cookies and have closed browers, logged out and back in again.

Anybody had a similar problem?

Not too bothered cos it's saving me money but would like to get it to work if I can!
i have had the same problem after i cleared everything i then unplugged my hub and left off for a few mins then i plugged it back in went back to ie and i was able to log in ok .maybe worth a try
Cheers everybody.

Good thinking on the modem AS. Will give that a go!
I had endless problems before Christmas, but that was mainly timing issues, as Rocks' site was taking too long to respond, and the connection kept getting timed out.

I've got a new computer, use Firefox, installed the latest flash player and so far, fingers crossed, not had any problems since.


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