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Hi, just wanted to know; are the Prezerve jewellery organisers any good for storing pearls?

It's just I am looking for something to protect my pearls when I take them on my travels.
But am not sure if the anti tarnish in the Prezerve products is ok to use with them?

Like Anne i've also got the Lori Grenier jewellery mirror/cabinet i keep pearls in that, its got flexzorb protection inside the jewellery section, they've been in and out for the last couple of years now and they are fine:).
Hi Marion

I've had some of my pearls stored now for over a year in one of those zip up fabric PreZerve pouches and haven't had any problems at all. They still look as good as new. I just went to look just to make sure!:D
Thanks Ladies, somehow I can't see me carrying a large jewellery cabinet with me on my travels ;).
But I get your point about the Flexzorb! Excellent!

Oops, hope I haven't worried you Melusina, thanks for checking! :thumbsup:
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Actually, one of the reasons I brought this up was this review below, NOT about the PreZerve I might add,
and also not to worry you :eek:;


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"I bought this product a while ago and have been storing a range of silver jewellery in two of the cases. I recently purchased another anti-tarnish product from QVC and have today been transferring items from the Lori Grenier cases. Despite polishing and cleaning each item prior to putting it the safekeeper case a number of them have become badly tarnished. What has been upsetting is that a pair of silver earrings and a silver bracelet - both containing pearls - have been damaged. The anti-tarnish cloth has removed the nacre from the pearls. I wouldn't want this to be experienced by another customer."
I have the Prezerve hanging organiser and never had any problems with my jewellery. As long as you clean it first before you put it in it should be fine.

HOWEVER if you listen to Ralph (Honora) he says the only way to clean pearls is with a damp cloth and nothing else.
Yes, that's how I clean them as well, Sue.

Just Googled info for storing pearls and they suggest soft cloth bags. And to make sure the pearls don't dry out, occasionally sprinkle a few drops of water on the fabric.

Thanks again everyone.
I was told that shaking pearls gently in a bag of talc or flour would absorb some of the oils from the cord, but then you have to get rid of the remnants of the dust and you certainly couldn't wear them on something black straight away!!! My mum always told me you have to wear pearls regularly otherwise they "die", this has happened to real seed pearls that have been in our family for a long time.
Does anyone know where I can get the Lori Greiner jewellery cabinet/mirror please? I've got the item number (753398) on QVC, but it lists all the colours as wait listed. I've really wanted one of these for ages, but I missed out.

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