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Jan 13, 2022
For a moment, I thought I had travelled back in time. When I tuned in to Gemporia at 11pm, Lynn was repeating her 3pm show. After the initial surprise, I saw the message saying "repeat pre-recorded show". What's happening with Gemporia?
I think I would have preferred repeats to the travesty of a schedule they had today. Ellis and her 3 hours of CBD, Lynn and 3 hours of chakras, scarves and creams..... They make so many health claims. I don't know how it's allowed. My mother wants to report them, but I doubt it will make any difference.
Another prerecorded show as I write this. A great deal of presenters aren't working during Christmas, like Lynn, Adina, Jess, Kate, amongst others, so I guess we will have loads of repeats.
Totally agree. The silent auctions would have been so much better. A lady today didn't realise that it was a repeat and send a message worried that Ellis hadn't rested enough. Ellis didn't have the transparency to say it was a repeat, which I thought it was shameful.
I saw Ellis again last night too, I think they would be better off just doing the silent auctions, rather than repeating shows where things are sold out. I quite like the silent auctions actually - nobody shouting at you for one thing!
I'm not sure I have ever seen a silent auction. How does it work? I like the sound of them, especially if there is no shouting throughout the hour.
its just a simple wheel & they play normal gemporia music & just drop the prices like normal
They often have them on Lifestyle at 11pm (I think), you can still interact and ask for which number you want to see, but no phones going ballistic or someone yelling go, go go at you. Just a nice quiet wheel of jewellery with all the fake starting prices, dropping to their actual price :)
They have now stopped live shows after 11pm and all recorded. And most of the original staff have been laid off or sacked...

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