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Oct 7, 2008
My current steam mop has given up the ghost, and I think they've probably improved since I bought it. So can anyone recommend the power steam mop which IW are pushing at the mo? It's the one with the triangular head, which I quite like for going into corners. Also like the idea of the carpet glider and the price seems pretty good.

Any recommendations/criticisms would be be gratefully received - is it well made and fairly sturdy?

Many thanks in advance.
Well I bought the hometek (pick of the day Ideal World) and its absolute rubbish. If you are thinking about the H2o mop, take a look at the reviews and then you can decide.
TRY QVC..........they are easier to order from & if you dont like it they will pick it up for you FOC.........
I bought the ?vax one a couple of years ago and it had to go back, twice. The handle wasn't fixed together propperly so you could see the electrics inside.

Still like the idea of a steam mop but that really put me off.
I bought the Home Tek one from ebay it cost about £35 and it barely lasted 12 months then the switch broke and it wouldnt switch on. Did like the idea but this has put me off - went back to old fashioned squeegy one - less than a tenner and lasts year's.

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