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Jul 4, 2008
East Anglia
I wanted to purchase some items I won on the £1 auctions as I normally do. I could not believe the new postage prices. More then the items I had won. Wow
Seems I won’t be buying from TJC.
I noticed the new ad explaining the postage charges and I did feel that you’d be lucky to find anything with a P&P of £1 as per the examples! I’ve been a TJC+ member since it started (tbf it was during the pandemic and I had parcels arriving every day). It started with next day delivery if you ordered before 5pm. Quietly, without any explanation, the next day delivery disappeared. I don’t order much these days, and occasionally think I should cancel, but with the new ‘fairer’ postal charges, I’m not sure I should 🤔
Think they were very unlucky with the timing of the launch of TJC plus almost at the start of the pandemic and the costs rising since. Given the choice, I am not sure they would have launched it but had to in the end.

Having said that they are now making it very silly to buy from them really bar the odd free postage offer unless you are a member.

Another thing worth looking for and something I have used to my advantage a few times. If you leave an item in a web basket for a period of 2-5 days sometimes you get an email with a specific code for free postage or sometimes without using a code you are offered at checkout.

I haven't been buying as much lately for financial reasons and from the odd look at a few purchases I feel they may have tightened up those loopholes a little.
Saw £6.99 p&p for a ring (admittedly a high value diamond ) Managed to get free p&p on an order …the faux down zipped pillow protectors in silver on sale at £5.99 each (thoroughly recommend them btw) and it removed all p&p on other items in the order ! Items ordered Friday received yesterday via Evri !
I don't order a lot from TJC but I saw something the other day and decided to buy two of them. Postage was £4.99 which while not great I was still prepared to pay it but it turns out that even though I was buying the exact same item, they actually wanted £9.98 P & P from me. Even QVC would only have charged £7.49 and they're postage charges are ridiculous at the best of times.

Anyway, I cancelled the items out of my basket and ordered a very similar item from Amazon at a better price. I can't see me buying from TJC again to be honest as there's so much choice for consumers these days.
I cancelled two items I bought for that exact same reason. 2 items from the beauty channel and they charged me 4.99 +4.99. So I cancelled the order. Could they not have posted them out as one package?? Seemed ridiculous to me so cancelled and haven’t ordered anything since.
Charging £4.99 for small low value jewellery last night ! Items were as low as 99p for a small charm 🤦‍♂️
Yes, it does put you off. I ordered 3 of the same items in one order and was charged 3 lots of postage. So I had to cancel the order. I understand that have the tjc plus option which I think they are steering us towards.
Yes I attempted to buy a few items and was charged 4.99 each time. I was convinced it was wrong so tried again and the same thing. It was for room diffusers which were on a 3-2. Any savings were lost with the pp so decided not to buy.
Guess they're relying on TJC Plus members buying cheaper or auction stuff and not having to pay the p&p.

Free p&p over £60 and sometimes if I batch order a few things, but mainly I wait for a megaday or free p&p day like they just had over the late August Bank Holiday.

Promo codes like Freedel used to work, not at moment, or p&p is free for new customer first order, so rope in a relative/friend, etc.

Next megaday is Wed 6th September, according to the TJC email newsletter received recently. Hopefully free p&p on some/all items, often including auction items, but not always.

TJC's new P&P prices. They seem to have gone up quite a bit lately. Has this affected your buying habits at all? Just curious to hear your thoughts on this.
TJC's new P&P prices. They seem to have gone up quite a bit lately. Has this affected your buying habits at all? Just curious to hear your thoughts on this.
Impulse buys from TJC are a thing of the past for me. Given the P&P prices, I won't be buying low value items anymore. £4.99 stud earrings with P&P at £5.99. Just not worth it.

'Buy all' is no longer an attractive option either. I would have considered it in the past with capped P&P - not now.

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