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Fallen Angel

Jun 24, 2008
Kent Near Bluewater
Decleor Creme Exfoliant & System Corps
Special Price £22.49
QVC Price £27.00
Item Number 225826
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.95

Treat yourself to a luxurious top-to-toe body treatment with this exfoliator and moisturising set from Decleor. The granular creme exfoliant (200ml) uses small particles to help gently eliminate impurities and slough away dead skin cells, helping to reduce the appearance of rough, dry, dull skin. After using the body scrub, lather yourself in the luxurious, rich body emulsion (75ml) to complete your salon-like beauty treatment.

Decleor Expression De'L Age Discovery Collection
Special Price £14.96
QVC Price £18.00
Item Number 226679
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.45

Tackle the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this five-piece Expression De L'Age Discovery Collection. It contains Aromessence Neroli oil (2.5ml), combining a blend of essential oils and plant oils, Balm Essential (2.5ml), which is the perfect aromatherapy nighttime care for your skin, Expression De L'Age Cream (15ml) and Expression De L'Age Eye Cream, to target the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your face and around your eyes. This collection comes in a beige make-up bag keeping it all organised for you.

Decleor Complete Eye Care Collection
Special Price £57.72
QVC Price £63.50
Item Number 226707
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.95

Care for your eyes with this complete three-piece set from Decleor. It contains Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Firming Serum (15ml) and Expression De L'Age Eye Cream (15ml) which help to smooth away fine and lines and wrinkles, giving you an immediate yet temporary firming effect and leaving your eyes looking and feeling revitalised. Completing the set is a full size Eye Make-up Remover (150ml), which will gently cleanse away eye make-up whilst caring for the delicate tissue around your eyes.
Thank you Fallen Angel for posting those details.

I'm hoping that they have the new Aromessence Excellence as I received an email with the easy pay code on yesterday and was hoping to use it for that:51:
:thanks: Helen, although not really much of a celebration from Decleor considering the sales tha QVC generates for them!

Shame on you Decleor :fume::fume::fume:
I know it is pricey at £86 but at least there is 6 full sizes along with 9 other items, unlike an Elemis item which I saw recently which is £135 for a duo!!!
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I got myself one... used my birthday voucher code thingy on it so I got it on 3 easy pay!
That's one big box of Decleor I've got coming!!!

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