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Oct 29, 2009
Newbie here! Been having a read back and thought i might put my thoughts in. I was a GemsTV addict until recently and have swapped allegiance. I have had a couple of things from TJC. I have noticed of late lots of their silver is now "platinum plated" and we can all join in on the mantra offered explaining this ....... sparkle doesnt tarnish, extends the lifetime etc etc etc
BUT my recent purchase was my first platinum plated and is my imagination or has the weight of the silver been sacrificed to the platinum plating. My ring is lovely, I cant stop admiring it but it feels lightweight compared to previous purchases. If this is the case and there is less silver - I would rather weight was there rather than more flimsy platinum plated.

Has anyone got any views????
I think it depends on the piece. I've just bought a bracelet with over 16g.
Hi Looobiloo and welcome to the forum.

I think what Meeshoo says is correct and it does depend on the style. Unfortunately their new website doesn't actually show the weight but if you use a link and change the number you can see it there.

Here are a few examples where the silver/platinum overlay weight is really good for the money and all are far heavier than the weight of some gold pieces priced at over £1000 on a certain other jewellery channel!!

These are all over 3 gms and under £20 which is pretty good. I think TJC really excel with their silver pieces compared to Gems TV who now charge crazy prices for silver. There are lighter weights on the TJC website but I really don't think they're deliberately sacrificing weight for the Platinum overlay. Just my humble opinion of course.

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